NC-Expert Referral Program

Program Overview

The NC-Expert Referral Program is quite simple, if you recommend someone and they take a course with us we will reward you!

We don't want to be a company only known for profits or even our expertise, we want to earn a great reputation in the market and we know the best way to do this is word of mouth. But if you are helping to market our company we want to reward you.

Anyone can refer people for courses, you can send us their name or simply tell them to mention you when they contact us. If they go on to purchase a course then we will reward you.

How To Get Rewarded

Get Money Off a Course Of Your Choosing For Every Peron You Refer.

Earn Points:

  • Refer someone for a Webinar Series or Self Study Program - 50 Points
  • Refer someone for a Course - 150 Points

Webinar and Self Study Series - 1000 Points For A FREE Course

CCNA-CCNP Routing and Switch Courses - 1500 Points For A FREE Course

CCNA-CCNP Wireless, Security and COllaboration - 2000 Points For A FREE Course

CCIE 5-Day Courses - 3000 Points For A FREE Course

Program for Cisco AM/SE and Partner Sales Teams

30000 points equals one of the following choices for a Cisco sales team or a Cisco Partner sales team:

  • Free 2-day Engage or Validate Course with up to 20 people (online-live instructor on WebEx/Citrix GoToMeeting)
  • 2x Free 1-day Engage or Validate Courses with up to 10 people each (online-live instructor on WebEx/Citrix GoToMeeting)
  • 3x Free 2-hour Webinar Engage Sessions for up to 50 people

To earn points as a team/individual you can:

  • Contact us to learn more = 1500 points
  • Share the idea with peers and they contact us = 1500 points
  • Arrange a meeting with a Regional Manager or Operations Director and our Executive Staff = 3000 points
  • Recommend your customers for certification training with NC-Expert = 1500 points

Cisco Learning Credits

Cisco started a training credit program several years ago, there are two ways to get Cisco Learning Credits (CLC). You can purchase them when you purchase equipment or you can also earn loyalty points for certain dollar amounts of equipment purchased. These credits can be used to purchase any Cisco Certification Course we have as a Cisco Learning Partner. These credits expire, many companies loose thousands of dollars in training money each year because of this. The engineering team simply doesn’t know they have them available. The Cisco sales teams get a report on these monthly.

So if the Cisco or Partner teams recommend 1 person from their customer base that takes a course, either with CLCs or any other type of funding, once the payment is received the team/individual that refers them will earn 1500 points.

So in short you could refer less than 20 people and earn the critical training you need to sell more.

Program Terms

The following conditions and terms apply

  • Rewards are only given after the referred person has made a full payment of a course. Videos, webinars and other services do not count towards referrals, unless the purchases is for an entire series.
  • You may choose where to credit your reward from the above options for each referral.
  • You can not refer yourself...Nice Try!
  • Free Course Reward only applies to individual courses. Bootcamps and CCIE and CWNE Packages are not available for rewards.
  • Engage, Validate and Activate Courses not already created will need to be developed, we may choose to request funds to create the courses if we do not feel they are aligned to our long-term business objectives. If no course is available you will be able to use your credit towards custom deliveries or video/webinar series. For this we will put a maximum value on the Vendor/Partner Reward at $12,000.

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