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How is WPA3 more secure than WPA2?

WPA3 better than WPA2

There is a lot of buzz in the industry about WPA3 and, especially, after the scare we had with WPA2 (see our blog post: krack-hack-is-wpa2-dead/). So, how is WPA3 more secure then WPA2? WPA3 is promising to improve security in multiple ways, over WPA2 If you have 802.1X/EAP/RADIUS (WPA2-Enterprise) configured (correctly) you can be quite…

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WLC and AP Power settings

AP Power settings made easy To fully understand and sometimes troubleshoot our wireless networks, we need to know exactly what is going on with our APs, especially what power they are outputting. So in this post we are going to look at AP Power settings made easy. The Problem – Different AP models each have…

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802.11ax – The next best thing?

802.11ax is it the next best thing? Happy New Year everyone! and with the new year, comes new shiny things – 802.11ax. As a networking engineer who has been around from long before 802.11n, and 802.11ac came along, it seems to be the same old story. Every time a new technology comes along, we get like…

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All I want for Christmas are some home Mesh APs

All I want for Christmas are some home Mesh APs… Well, it’s getting close to Christmas. You’re getting excited, you’ve been really good this year, and you’re hoping Santa will bring you a nice home Mesh network system for Christmas! Many Vendors are now selling home Mesh systems which operate by connecting wirelessly to each…

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Exactly what is Duty Cycle?

So what exactly is Duty Cycle? and what have Zombies got to do with it….  I want talk about the Duty Cycle that we see on our Spectrum Analyzers. Since it’s Halloween, and everyone loves a good horror story, I thought I’d try and explain what Duty Cycle is, with the use of Zombies! A lot…

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Mesh Calculations

Mesh Calculations Thought I’d take some time to discuss bandwidth using Mesh APs and the associated mesh calculations. This blog entry is aimed at a slightly advanced level, so I am working on the assumption that you already know how a Mesh works. Basically, the node APs (MAPS or Node APs – do we call…

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Wireless Network Security – Only with an S

wireless network security

Wireless Network Security – it’s a huge concern I want to address important concerns about wireless network security, that a lot people don’t immediately understand about wireless: if you configure your wireless network with “no security” or “open authentication only” running, you basically have no security at all if you don’t configure PSK or 802.1X/EAP/RADIUS,…

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