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NC-Expert Apprenticeship Programs

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Introduction to the NC-Expert Apprenticeship Program

Our Mission

NC-Expert’s vision is simple and straightforward “IT Training Made Easy!” Our company tag line explains our purpose: we are Experts creating Experts.

Our formal mission statement explains a little further: To provide the best quality and most accessible IT industry certification training available, which improves the careers and lives of professional network engineers and brings the best ROI for their employers.

NC-Expert is a group of seasoned engineers and trainers that are different from the rest of the education market. We want to pass along our experience and knowledge to others, in a way that will enable our apprentices and students to become more efficient in their daily tasks, better engineers and, ultimately, enhance the companies they work for, while continuously moving forward in their successful careers.

We believe all training should produce a Return on Investment. We price our courses and structure our programs around this concept. We know 40 hours of training on highly technical topics crammed into a single week is efficient for the corporations doing the purchasing but sometimes proves difficult for the engineer/students consuming the training.

So we try to make things a bit easier on our apprentices and students by augmenting our courses with mentoring, webinars, and re-sits of the previously attended class lectures (in most of our classes), until they comprehend and master the topics covered in their discipline. We call the and apprentices students “our” students because, unlike a lot of other training companies, we truly care about their individual successes.

We provide extra suppport to allow those students who are struggling to take a firm hold on IT with the belief that excellent training in an ever-growing career field can change their lives. We look forward to growing this approach in a formal and scalable model to provide our IT Apprenticeship programs to as many candidates as possible.

NC-Expert’s training programs are sought by the kinds of organizations that may ultimately hire our apprenticeship graduates because we work hard to ensure that our training is delivered at such a level that it really can make a difference in the lives of our apprentices and students and in their employers’ businesses.

In our own way, we are trying to help make the world a better place.

"With the knowledge I gained from NC-Expert training, I scored highly on my exam. The information I learned will be very useful in helping design and support the wireless networks used by my customers. I will be back for my next class!"

Jeff T

"Without doubt, this class has been an excellent use of my time!"

"This was one of the best trainings I have taken.
I like the way the course was structured and how engaging the labs were."

Paul P

"I took an online course. It was as effective as being in the classroom.
Outstanding class!" 

"It was great! The instructor was really knowledgeable and professional."

Tri D

"I wouldn't trust anyone else to train me!"