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Paying for the Program's Technical Training

Paying for the Program's Technical Training

The executives at NC-Expert have been working in this industry as executives, managers, advisors, architects, engineers, and trainers directly to/for vendors such as Cisco, CWNP, EC-Council, and many others for decades. We have vast experience in modern, cutting-edge technologies and approaches.

We focus on providing "bleeding edge" training to thousands of corporate students and regularly write and design the courses that Cisco and other large vendors use. In addition, we are regularly called upon to develop internal programs for large household-name companies. They trust us to write courses and to train their internal employees so we feel we have a unique perspective on the state of the market.

Choose Program that Produces a Good Return on Investment

NC-Expert believes that all training should produce a definitive return on investment (ROI).

We have multiple options:

CyberSecurity Support Technician

This is a 2-year apprenticeship program which provides for multiple certifications to be earned over a 24 month period and the apprentice should expect at least 4 salary increases during the first year alone! This apprenticeship model is laser-focused on Cyber Security and has an additional 3rd year option for those apprentices who wish to pursue advanced certifications and aim for C-level career goals.

Infrastructure Engineer or Network Engineer (2 different, but similar, programs)

Our Infrastructure and Network Engineer programs assume a 32-month apprenticeship. The skills and certifications chosen are designed to create the skill-sets that are normally compensated in the $70,000-$150,000 salary range with a ten-year ROI of potentially >$1 million in salary.

We seek out and qualify program nominees based on a wide range of factors that align directly with the criteria that we find corporations actively search for. Our vast network of corporate executives, hiring managers, and recruiters consult with us regularly to make sure we are identifying both the hard IT skills as well as the soft skills needed for the ideal employee.

The following table illustrates a selection of possible salary ranges for professional engineers:


How the Technical Training Program Payment Works

NC-Expert provides the best Return-on-Investment in the training market and our average per-class fee for officially-approved instructor-led training is the lowest currently available!

At the commencement of the program, the Employer and the Apprentice can decide, between them, how to apportion the costs of technical training: Employers usually pay 100% but, under certain circumstances, may request to be reimbursed a portion of the cost by the Apprentice.

Important Note: NC-Expert does not accept any Title 38 funding (GI Bill, Voc Rehab, etc.), or WIOA. Funding for the described programs must originate from alternative sources.

Benefits to the Employer / Return on Investment

Sometimes an employer wonders "Why should I take on an apprentice and pay for their training? What's in it for me?"

Here are a few answers from the Department of Labor itself...

A study by Case Western Reserve University indicated that a company can obtain at least a 50 percent rate of return on employing an apprentice!

The average 3-year employee turnover (employees moving on to another job), in a company, can be as high as 70%. Registered apprenticeships have regularly demonstrated an 89% three-year retention rate. In other words, at the three-year mark, 89% of apprentices are still happily working for the same employer. Moreover, 91% of apprentices retain employment after conclusion of their apprenticeship programs.

By employing apprentices, money is saved on multiple potential expenses:

  • On-time Work Completion: Apprentices are more likely to complete their assigned tasks on-time, because they are aiming to "be the best [they] can be"
  • Wasted Time: by hiring Apprentices, the likelihood of errors, which cause work to have to be repeated, is reduced because task oversight is increased through the mentoring system, which utilizes skilled and experienced individuals to watch over and mentor the apprentices. This has the added bonus of improving the perception of quality by an organization's customers
  • Overtime Costs: spreading the workload between employees and apprentices reduces the need for overtime pay
  • Employee Retention: employing apprentices provides a pool of eager, enthusiastic workers, who are willing to help. This has multiple benefits: it raises general morale and, by sharing the workload, helps regular employees feel less burned out, thus increasing employee retention. In addition, by permitting employees to share their knowledge and experience with apprentices, heightened feelings of employee self-worth are achieved which, in turn, lead to greater job satisfaction.

Dollar for dollar, no workforce training method packs as much punch as apprenticeship. A Mathematica evaluation of 10 States found that for every dollar invested in apprenticeship, the tax returns (return on investment) were $27 and total benefits were more than $35. That is as much as a 35:1 return. I'll take those odds!

"With the knowledge I gained from NC-Expert training, I scored highly on my exam. The information I learned will be very useful in helping design and support the wireless networks used by my customers. I will be back for my next class!"

Jeff T

"Without doubt, this class has been an excellent use of my time!"

"This was one of the best trainings I have taken.
I like the way the course was structured and how engaging the labs were."

Paul P

"I took an online course. It was as effective as being in the classroom.
Outstanding class!" 

"It was great! The instructor was really knowledgeable and professional."

Tri D

"I wouldn't trust anyone else to train me!"