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The Ideal Candidate

The Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate will be someone who wants to succeed in their career. Someone who wants good quality, authorized training from certified instructors and is prepared to work hard to achieve their dreams.

We originally created our Apprenticeship program with a view to helping our military veterans but quickly realised that there are a number of other categories of people for whom our programs can be equally valuable: people who have a desire to transition from their current job role into that of certified engineers with the prospect of a great career ahead of them.

Our apprenticeship candidates will need to possess an eagerness to succeed which, when combined with NC-Expert’s solid support network, will help propel them toward success.

New to IT?

You are our "ideal" candidate.

NC-Expert's apprenticeships are aimed at taking a candidate with little-to-no experience and helping them gain the certifications which will stand them in good stead as they progress in their chosen IT career.

We provide a solid foundation and help the apprentice gain the certifications to prove their skills and help them develop their careers by working hand-in-hand with their employer to provide both academic as well as practical/implementation skills.

Some IT Experience?

If you already have some experience in the IT field, we can work with you to fast-track you through our programs.

You may need to go back and sit some certification exams, but we will try to not waste your time. We will, however, insist that you have the solid foundational knowledge to strengthen your skill-set and upon which you may need to rely in the future.

We can help get you certified and on your way to a successful career which is in line with your skill-set and experience.

"With the knowledge I gained from NC-Expert training, I scored highly on my exam. The information I learned will be very useful in helping design and support the wireless networks used by my customers. I will be back for my next class!"

Jeff T

"Without doubt, this class has been an excellent use of my time!"

"This was one of the best trainings I have taken.
I like the way the course was structured and how engaging the labs were."

Paul P

"I took an online course. It was as effective as being in the classroom.
Outstanding class!" 

"It was great! The instructor was really knowledgeable and professional."

Tri D

"I wouldn't trust anyone else to train me!"