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Why We Do It
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Why We Do It

Our Mission

NC-Expert’s mission is simple and straightforward: IT Training Made Easy! Our company tag line explains our purpose: we are Experts creating Experts.

NC-Expert is a group of seasoned engineers and trainers that are different from the rest of the education market. We want to pass along our experience and knowledge to others, in a way that will enable our students to become more efficient in their daily tasks, better engineers and, ultimately, enhance the companies they work for, while continuously moving forward in their successful careers.

We believe all training should produce a Return on Investment. We price our courses and structure our programs around this concept. We know 40 hours of training on highly technical topics crammed into a single week is efficient for the corporations doing the purchasing but difficult for the engineer/students consuming the training.

We try to make things a bit easier on our students by augmenting our courses with mentoring, webinars, and re-sits of the previously attended class lectures (in most of our classes), until our students comprehend and master the topics covered in their discipline. We call the students “our” students because, unlike a lot of other training companies, we truly care about their individual successes.

We provide scholarships and other opportunities to allow those students who are struggling to take a firm hold on IT with the belief that excellent training in an ever-growing career field can change their lives.

We look forward to growing this approach in a formal and scalable model to provide our IT Apprenticeship programs to as many candidates as possible.

Our programs are sought by the kinds of organizations that may ultimately hire our apprenticeship graduates and we will work hard to ensure our programs can make a difference in their lives.

In our own way it is an attempt to thank them for their service by enabling them to realize success after their sacrifices.

The NC-Expert Approach

The NC-Expert Apprenticeship Approach

NC-Expert Perspective

The executives at NC-Expert have been working in this industry as executives, managers, advisors, architects, engineers, and trainers directly to/for vendors such as Cisco, CWNP, EC-Council, and many others for decades. We have vast experience in modern, cutting-edge technologies and approaches.

We focus on providing "bleeding edge" training to thousands of corporate students and regularly write and design the courses that Cisco and other large vendors use. In addition, we are regularly called upon to develop internal programs for large household-name companies. They trust us to write courses and to train their internal employees so we feel we have a unique perspective on the state of the market.

Choose Program that Produces a Good Return on Investment

NC-Expert believes that all training should produce a definitive return on investment (ROI).

We have multiple options:

Infrastructure Engineer / Network Engineer. Our Infrastructure and Network Engineer programs assume a 32-month apprenticeship costing a total of roughly $55,000. The skills and certifications chosen are designed to create the skill-sets that are normally compensated in the $70,000-$150,000 salary range with a ten-year ROI of potentially >$1 million in salary for the $55,000 investment.

We seek out and qualify program nominees based on a wide range of factors that align directly with the criteria that we find corporations actively search for. Our vast network of corporate executives, hiring managers, and recruiters consult with us regularly to make sure we are identifying both the hard IT skills as well as the soft skills needed for the ideal employee.

CyberSecurity Support Technician. This is a 2-year apprenticeship program which provides for multiple certifications to be earned over a 24 month period. Each year costs approximately $25,000 and should earn the apprentice 4 salary increases during the first year alone! This apprenticeship model is laser-focused on Cyber Security and has an additional 3rd year option for those apprentices who wish to pursue advanced certifications and aim for C-level career goals.


The following table illustrates a selection of possible salary ranges for professional engineers:

Current Industry Overview

Current Industry Overview

Network Infrastructure Market

Over the past 5 years, the network infrastructure market has been undergoing an evolution: that of virtualization and convergence of networking, server, and storage, as well as that of software defined networking (SDN). Essentially, this is the next generation of the virtualization that has been taking shape in the server world (see description below).

Today, an engineer must be well versed in all aspects of networking to fill the gaps and needs of most modern corporations. This area is evolving the fastest in the cloud and data center disciplines. Additional skills such as programming in Python are now becoming desirable. 

The network engineer of the next ten years will have to know the core technologies well enough to be able to interact with them all as a unified system. SDN allows corporations to build application-centric infrastructures that are dynamically programmed to adjust to an application’s needs on a sub-­second basis.  

Within the enterprise, another major trend that is rapidly creating gaps and needs, with sustained growth predicted over the next ten years, is Wireless/Wi­Fi. Today, the trends of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) are forcing corporations to rapidly expand and optimize their infrastructures to compensate for the explosion in the number of devices brought into the workplace. In the early 2004 timeframe, the norm was that an employee was assigned a PC within a permanent cubicle. Nowadays, that same employee works from the office, home, or on the road and is always “on”. The devices used today are exclusively connected via wireless technologies.  

Enormous strides in capability have recently occurred, such as location-based analytics, where a retail store, for example, can track a customer as they walk through a mall and predictably offer advertisements and coupons based on  previous  purchases  and specific location  within the  mall in real-­time with accuracy measured in inches. You can imagine that the adoption of this enormous new  revenue  stream is pushing companies to invest heavily.

The last  area  where  all  of  the  above  evolutions  have  opened  previously untouched  networking opportunities  is with  devices  not  traditionally  considered  network-attached devices.  This  area  is referred  to as  the  Internet  of Things (IoT) / Internet of Everything (IoE). Both of these  areas  represent  a  double  digit  trillion ­dollar  emerging market  that  is  expected  to be fully  adopted  as  mainstream  within  the  next  ten  years.  Everything  from  apparel, glasses, and  watches, to red lights, cars, and appliances fall into this category. The potential benefit to the  average corporation is unlimited.  

The entry-level candidate looking to enter the IT market today should be fully ready to present themselves as someone who has begun gaining the skills that these potential employers are actively seeking.

Security Market

Security is a major area that has rapidly evolved since 2004. Back in 2004, it was simple enough to understand the basic tenets of security to be useful to a corporation. Most companies, at that point, considered basic firewalls and virus protection to be a valid security approach. Today, the landscape is far more complicated. Firewalls and virus protection are still used, but are understood to have exploitable weaknesses.

Large vendors such as Cisco, IBM, HP, etc. have gone through several years of heavy development and acquisition to modernize their security portfolios. Today major offerings include  malware  protection, intrusion  detection,  anomaly  detection  and  mitigation, and  programmable policies combined into single appliances. This advance has created multiple disciplines within security, from policy engineer through infrastructure security engineer to  security  analyst.  At  this  time  the highest-growth  sector  in security  is  cyber  security,  the art of analyzing the threat. No longer are companies taking a purely reactive approach: they are now taking a proactive approach. Cisco, for example, for example has recently announced a brand new cyber security certification track.

BYOD devices require a complex and jointly-owned personal and corporate policy strategy.

Wired and wireless security differs in approach and technologies used, and the requirement to protect all the billions of devices being connected through IoT/IoE will make this an in-­demand field for at least the next ten years.  

Server/PC Market

There are many people throughout the market serving in senior roles in the server field that began as CompTIA A+ or Microsoft MCSA but, at the entry level, there is far more competition and less job security. Many large corporations have moved their helpdesk operations outside of the US. Today, there is very little need for an employee that can put together a PC from parts, because most corporations have large purchase agreements with vendors such as Dell and Lenovo to provide complete systems. In addition, the emerging trends for corporations today are described in what the industry calls BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). BYOD began about 5 years ago with the introduction of the iPad as a predominant employee end-device. Since most corporations cannot fight this trend they are openly embracing it.

For example, over the past 4 years one major, world-leading technology company has almost completely stopped issuing laptops to its employees. As a result, the employee can get a stipend to purchase their own. At the same time, the predominant devices in this company have rapidly become Mac laptops and iPads. Interestingly enough, this same company initiated a policy of having no official helpdesk to support Apple products. However, they allowed the employees to purchase the Apple Maintenance Plan when they purchased their devices. This same trend is happening everywhere throughout corporate America and is growing at a rapid pace.

Within the server world, the trend is moving towards heavy virtualization. This began in mid-2008 with the introduction of VMware and required that a server engineer needed to be skilled in multiple operating systems such as Microsoft, Linux, VMware and Citrix to stand out and remains true today. From a skill-set perspective, the more desirable skill in this market is to be a well-rounded server admin, who is familiar with multiple enterprise systems. As part of the BYOD and Virtualization trends, many companies are rapidly expanding their support of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) - you buy your own laptop and then connect to VMware/Citrix where you will load a corporate version of Windows.

This is an attempt to merge the wild west of BYOD with the traditional corporate-owned device. The other major trend in this area is that Cisco is now the leader in many sectors of server sales, which occurred as a result of a launch in 2008 of the Cisco UCS server family. They changed the paradigm completely by merging server hardware with networking and storage, thus creating a single converged system. Today, the engineer responsible for that system must be cross-skilled in multiple server technologies, networking, and storage. The same applies to IBM and HP where all three major players are doing the same thing.

So, in short, a person trying to get an entry level job as a server admin will find it much harder if they choose the wrong certifications, or none at all, to go with their limited experience.

How Are Our Apprenticeship Programs Different from Other Programs?

How Are Our Apprenticeship Programs Different from Other Programs?

We understand where the apprentice is coming from. While employers respect a candidate with a degree what they really need, above all else, are skilled and trained engineers who know more than the theory that can be learned from a generic university degree. They want engineers who know and understand the technologies and products into which the employer is investing millions of dollars.

A fundamental role of an engineer in most corporations is to keep the environment running: down-time means lost revenue. This is why IT engineers earn great salaries: companies pay to prevent the loss of business. This means the engineer needs to know the ins and outs of the specific technologies and products being used within the corporate environment.

What We Offer

NC-Expert is a top supplier of very high-end technical vendor certification training.

We provide training to the same companies our apprentices want to work for: we train their existing staff. We work with the vendors our apprentices are trying to get jobs with, to help them develop programs and write many of their courses for them.

We put our heads together with the Department of Labor, our vendors, and our customers to create unique programs that are designed to help our apprentices best utilize their time and resources without the fear of being taken advantage of, as is all too common in the training industry today.

In short, our programs give you the potential for a good job, one where you will gain real-world experience while earning a salary. We ensure that a mentor is assigned to you and that you will be rewarded with wage increases as you progress through the program, mastering new skills and earning the required certifications. At completion of our 3-year program, for example, you will have almost 3 years of real-world, cutting-edge IT engineering experience, more than 10 of the most desired IT certifications in the market today, resume proof of being a good hire, and a formal US Government credential signed by both NC-Expert and the Department of Labor.

With our programs we specifically reduced the costs involved to be able to give our apprentices the absolute maximum amount of training possible, in the areas that are most in demand. From an employment perspective, our apprentices not only want to get certifications that are recognized, but they also want to get the ones that are in demand - specifically, in areas of technology that are growing. The apprentice must consider where this will place them 5 years from when they earn the certification. Choosing the wrong certification or technology will end up being a waste of time and money that may start you on a path that is difficult to reverse.

We have had multiple people scrutinize our programs to ensure we only include training from companies that are leading in their respective markets, and followed the lead of hiring managers who were investing corporate money into the classes we already included, to improve their existing teams.

We have an additional aim: we want our apprentices to be so well-trained that they will become the envy of the IT team they are joining!

NC-Expert IT Apprenticeship Program Flow

NC-Expert IT Apprenticeship Program Flow

Getting the Candidate Apprentice Hired

Our unique position within the IT industry and market allows us to leverage existing and new relationships with companies looking to hire IT workers with the skills we provide in our programs.

NC-Expert will screen and enroll the candidate into our apprenticeship program. During this process we will partner with a local employer.

NC-Expert will enter into an agreement with the potential employer which will outline requirements and conditions of hiring our candidate as an apprentice. The agreement between NC-Expert and the company will include an agreement regarding time off to attend the training, an agreement for set pay raises upon successful attainment of specific certifications, and a structured plan to ensure that OJT competencies are addressed.

Areas that are typically included in the employee’s job role, such as workplace safety, will be executed by the company and verified and signed off by NC-Expert. Other areas that are included in the OJT Apprenticeship program, but are not normally part of the company’s training, such as interpersonal communication and team leadership, will be provided by NC-Expert.

Regular meetings will be held with the apprentice’s supervisors and the NC-Expert team will be conducted to ensure that the apprentice:

  • is progressing through the apprenticeship,
  • is being provided ample opportunity to exercise their skills and grow their experience, and
  • to ensure the employer is happy with the apprentice as a contributing member of their team

At the completion of the program NC-Expert will work with the company and the apprentice to help secure an ongoing full-time position with the company and will transition the graduating apprentice from the apprenticeship program.

Already-Employed Candidates

These are the simplest to help in our program. If the candidate wants to enroll in our apprenticeship training program, all they need do is get their employer on board.

We can talk to the employer about the benefits, to them, of the program – from developing ideal employees, to saving on downtime, to the financial benefits to the employer.

The training the apprentice will receive is at a heavily discounted price and is aimed at putting the apprentice exactly where the employer wants them to be – to help create their “ideal” employee who possesses all the technical and soft skills they could want!

Training the Apprentice

NC-Expert is an established, authorized learning partner of Cisco, CWNP, EC-Council, and other vendors. In addition, we also provide authorized CompTIA training through a strategic relationship. This is a vast difference from many other companies that use on-staff instructors to write non-authorized versions of the certification training classes.

Our apprenticeship programs were created to ensure participants would gain the latest-and-greatest training from the vendor. Unwittingly selecting a provider that presents their own version of training courses creates a situation where the apprentice may be receiving substandard or even incorrect training!

As a strategic partner to "brand name" vendors we not only provide their most current authorized and endorsed content, but we are often the company that develops and writes the content for those same vendors - either under our own name or that of one of our partners. In addition to this, our executives have maintained longstanding relationships with the executives at these vendors, and many of their internal engineers who create the very products represented in the training. We are a long-standing, trusted partner of these vendors. We are often the "go-to" partner to train these vendors’ engineering, sales, and executive staff on their going-to-market products. We could say that, with our programs, the apprentice is learning directly from the source.

Our classes are taught by seasoned instructors. We choose the individuals that are at the top of their careers. Most of our instructors have achieved numerous expert designations in multiple fields. We do not use instructors that are at the same level as those graduating from the apprenticeship programs. Typically, our instructors have 10-20 years, not only in the field, but as top-level engineers responsible for very large enterprise environments. Several have designed some of the largest networking environments in the industry.

All of our classes are provided with live, real-time instruction. We offer both an in-person attendance option as well as a virtual attendance option. Most people, because of travel costs, elect to attend virtually and are able to utilize our state of the art delivery platform, which allows live, full interaction with the instructor and other students. Our students are not left to learn new technologies, on their own, with second-rate self-study videos. They will always have the ability to ask questions and be taught by someone that has first-hand knowledge of the topic.

Additional webinar events are offered on topics that are typically trickier to learn and leverage the same cutting-edge virtual attendance platform. These webinars allow the apprentice to pack in even more training at no additional cost.

In addition, we extend our practice of group mentoring with all apprenticeships. This helps to prevent the apprentice from getting into a situation, while learning, where they get stuck without having someone to explain the topic. We know, from years of experience, that no one comprehends every topic and our programs give the apprentice extra help on those topics that are proving more difficult to grasp.

We also know the certification process itself is a daunting task so, later in the program, we offer workshops on test-taking techniques and study habits to aid in this aspect as well.

We do not run dedicated classes for apprentices only. We mix the apprentices from the apprenticeship programs with our regular student body that consists of established engineers already working in companies in the same positions the apprentice may be seeking. This allows us to provide our apprentices another invaluable aid at the start of their career: networking opportunities.

Why Choose NC-Expert for IT Apprenticeship

Why Choose NC-Expert for IT Apprenticeship

NC-Expert is an established and proven leader in cutting edge IT training. We recruit only the highest talent in the market and have years of experience designing, deploying, and managing some of the largest IT environments on the globe.

NC-Expert’s relationships within the IT industry extend from senior executives from the largest vendors in the industry through to training many Fortune 50 sized companies’ IT engineering staff. We have a long tradition of business, technical, communication, and written work spanning many decades.

NC-Expert is a privately-held C-corporation based in Pleasanton, California. The company was established in 2011 and its services and courses are delivered globally. The corporate name is NetCertExpert, Inc., with the legal dba of NC-Expert.

Return on Investment

We care about our students getting a good return for the investment they make in themselves and the trust they give us in training them. We price ourselves lower than most of our competition as a way to give our students a good head start in getting that great return on their investment. In addition, we include a lot of "value adds" that our competitors do not.

The typical average market price for Cisco, CWNP, and EC-Council 5-day/40-hour courses falls between $2,500-$5,500 per course. This is the pricing regularly advertised on publicly accessible marketing and covers a one-time attendance of the course. NC-Expert offers a travel-free virtual attendance option which saves approximately $20,000 per person, in travel costs, over the duration of most of the programs. In addition, NC-Expert offers other services such as employment mediation services, as part of the programs, that are not offered by the typical technology training company.

NC-Expert prices its standard public offerings well below the average MSRP, with the goal of driving ROI as high as possible, enabling individuals to pursue more training and develop higher skill-sets through our programs. Our courses typically allow for free lecture re-sits* in addition to our mentoring programs.

The NC-Expert IT Apprenticeship programs offer the lowest-priced IT certification training in the market to our apprentices. In many cases, savings of well over $2,000 per course are realized. The programs include our free lecture re-sits* and mentoring add-ons, as well as employment support, soft-skill training, and several customized courses on topics that go beyond the vendor-sponsored certification programs being referenced here.

*terms and conditions apply

Details of the Programs

NC-Expert Apprenticeship Programs Information

Overview - How the Programs Work

Our programs are, in essence, very simple and are three-pronged:

[1] You

You currently have a job or we help get you settled into a job. You attend technical training classes (with us). You put the things you learn in class into practice while you are doing your job. You sit certification exams, and pass. As you progress through your program and earn certifications, you will get pre-agreed, incremental wage increases from your employer.

Since this is an "Apprenticeship" program, please understand that you will not start off at the standard salary for the position you may obtain. To start with, you will will probably be paid a percentage of the standard salary (generally 40%) and, as you earn certifications, you are guaranteed to receive set salary increases. By the end of year 2 (depending on certification success) it is anticipated that you will be earning the standard salary for that position, hence the Department of Labor Apprenticeship Program catchphrase "the more you learn, the more you earn."

As you progress through your selected program, you will attend further classes, put your new knowledge into practice, then sit/pass more exams, thus earning additional industry certifications and making yourself more valuable to your employer.

By the end of your program, you will have gained experience and will possess industry certifications to prove your skill-set.

By time of your graduation from your program, we expect that your employer/sponsor will find you so valuable that they will agree to retain you, permanently, in your position.

[2] Employer

The employer agrees to take you on as an "Apprentice". This can be in a temporary role, or a permanent one (this depends entirely on the employer's discretion).

The employer employs you as an "Apprentice" - meaning that you do not yet possess the expected skill-set and/or experience for the position.

Your employer will mentor you and will work with NC-Expert to help provide you with requisite experiences to broaden your knowledge and strengthen your skill base. Your employer will also agree, from the outset, to release you from work to attend your required training classes.

As you earn certifications, your employer will provide wage increases at a pre-agreed amount. This will continue as you progress through your program up until graduation.

At the end of your program your employer may offer you a permanent position with their company.

[3] NC-Expert

NC-Expert will work with you and help you secure a job. Please note, NC-Expert is not an employment agency.

However, we will work with you and assist in your job search and can explain your selected program, and its benefits, to your prospective employer. We will help craft your resume. We will provide you with training in interview techniques. We will work behind the scenes to help you find a suitable job.

Once you are set up with an employer, we will begin the technical training portion of your selected program. NC-Expert is a world-class provider of training programs and classes. We will provide technical and soft-skills training and will be available to act as mentors and guides as you progress through your program.

We will offer you training and support - but, for your part, you will be expected to work hard and study hard. 🙂

Program: Information Technology Infrastructure Engineer, and Network Engineer

aka "Option-Select"

In these two programs, which are almost identical, all candidates will undertake the same Foundation year (year 1) training and will sit the same exams during their first year.

Upon successful completion of the Foundation year, candidates will be invited to select their option for their Specialization year (year 2).

If the apprentice decides to exit either of these programs at the end of year 1, they will have gained a good foundation in technology and would be able to secure employment using the skills and certifications gained during year 1 training.

The Specialization year focuses on the specific technology selected and provides more advanced certification training in those technologies.

Graduation from the program is achieved following successful completion of the Specialization year.

Example industry certifications to be gained during year 1:

  • Cisco-Certified Entry Network Technician (CCENT)
  • CWNP Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA)
  • Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching
  • Cisco CCNA Wireless
  • CompTIA Security Plus (S+)*
  • EC-Council Certified Network Defender (CND)
  • Cisco CCNA Cyber Ops
  • Cisco CCNA Cloud

Note: Courses listed are not in specific order and additional technical and/or soft-skills courses may be provided. Multiple classes and/or examination passes may be required to earn one certification (i.e., Cisco CCNP level certifications).

*Not included in the Network Engineer Program

Program: Cyber Security Support Technician Program**

In this program, all apprentices will undertake the same Associate level (year 1) training and will sit the same exams. This enables cohorts to be created, in which apprentices can form study groups and a support network for each other. It is expected that the apprentices will proceed, together, through the Associate and Professional level (year 2) training and examinations.

If the apprentice decides to exit the program at the end of year 1, they will have gained a good foundation in technology and would be able to secure employment using the skills and certifications gained during year 1 training.

Upon successful completion of the Professional level (year 2), apprentices can choose to either graduate from the program, or can elect to remain in the program for the Master level (year 3) in which the bar will again be raised for the training and certification exams.

The Master level is aimed at apprentices (who will now have achieved full employment) who are looking to achieve a VP, Director, or C-level career.

Example industry certifications to be gained during year 1:

  • CompTIA Administrator Plus (A+)
  • CompTIA Network Plus (N+)
  • Cisco-Certified Entry Network Technician (CCENT)
  • CWNP Certified Wireless Technology Specialist (CWTS)
  • CWNP Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA)
  • EC-Council Certified Network Defender (CND)
  • Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching

Note: Courses listed are not in specific order and additional technical and/or soft-skills courses may be provided. 

**Cyber Security Support Technician program is currently within Department of Labor approval process. 

Important Note for all Programs: NC-Expert reserves the right to amend programs and substitute courses/certifications where necessary in order to make sure the Apprentice has the most relevant and/or employer-desired portfolio possible, by time of graduation.

The Ideal Candidate

The Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate will be someone who wants to succeed in their career. Someone who wants good quality, authorized training from certified instructors.

There are many training companies out there - lots of which offer apparently "approved" apprenticeship programs - who do not offer vendor-authorized training. They do not provide properly-certified instructors. The apprentice is subjected to an instructor who pretends to know his/her "stuff" while they provide substandard training and then blame the apprentice when they fail the exams. We consider this an injustice and a disservice to the apprentice.

We only offer vendor-approved training by properly-certified instructors. We want to give apprentice the best start in their careers.

New to IT?

You are our "ideal" candidate.

NC-Expert's apprenticeships are aimed at taking a candidate with little-to-no experience and helping them gain the certifications which will stand them in good stead as they progress in their chosen IT career.

We provide a solid foundation and help the apprentice gain the certifications to prove their skills and help them develop their careers by working hand-in-hand with their employer to provide both academic as well as practical/implementation skills.

Some IT Experience?

If you already have some experience in the IT field, we can work with you to fast-track you through our programs.

You may need to go back and sit some certification exams, but we will try to not waste your time. We will, however, insist that you have the solid foundational knowledge to strengthen your skill-set and upon which you may need to rely in the future.

We can help get you certified and on your way to a successful career in line with your skill-set and experience.

Highly Experienced in IT / Management Level

To be honest, our Apprenticeships are not designed for you.

Your skill level may already be far beyond the standard Apprentice's level, which would make it difficult for us to place you in the Apprenticeship program. In fact, you may already work in the position some of our Apprentices aspire to obtain when they graduate from the program!

Our Apprenticeships are designed to help those with limited, or no, IT experience to enter the IT field and start the launch of their careers... hence the title of the program "Apprenticeship". If you are highly experienced or skilled, your time may be better served by obtaining specialized certifications which are focused on taking your career to even greater heights.

We would recommend that those people who have already been in the industry for some time, consider our standard IT certification training courses. We would, of course, be pleased to discuss our available options with you. Feel free to call us at 1(855) 941-2121 (Mon-Fri, 9-6 eastern)

Paying for the Program

Paying for the Program

NC-Expert provides the best Return-on-Investment in the training market! The per-class fee for officially-approved instructor-led training is the lowest currently available*.

At the commencement of the program, NC-Expert will submit the annual Apprenticeship Program Training Fee invoice** to the Employer for payment.

The Apprentice and their Employer can decide, between them, how to apportion the costs: the Employer might pay 100%, or may request to be reimbursed a portion of the cost by the Apprentice.

In some circumstances, the Apprentice may decide to bear the entire cost themselves.

*At time of publication.

**Two or three of these invoices will be issued throughout the duration of the entire program, depending on program length.

Note: NC-Expert does not currently accept direct Title 38 funding (GI Bill, Voc Rehab, etc.)

Get Started Today

Get Started Today

Step 1: complete and submit our online form (use the "Learn More" link at bottom of page).

We collect required information to determine the feasibility and fit for you in the program. This step is not a formal application into the program, it simply helps us to help you determine if this is something that you would be interested, and successful, in.

Step 2: telephone interview to discuss the program and talk about your future goals.

We want our candidates to be treated with respect and will be open and honest regarding the program and the candidate's suitability for it. Once we all agree that this program would be a worthwhile investment of your time and energy, we would move on to the next step.

You may have multiple telephone conversations with different members of our team, who each possess different skill-sets, and who may become part of your support team if you are enrolled in one of our programs. The philosophy behind this is that, by us getting to know a little about you, firsthand, we are in a better position to leverage our skills to help you succeed.

Step 3: technical interview.

We will schedule an appointment for an interview with one of our technical engineers. The purpose of this call is to assess your current technical skill level. Obviously, we don't want to wast our time by putting you into training classes for which you are far too advanced but, on the flip-side, we want to make sure we are not missing foundations on which you will later need to rely.

This assessment will also help us to help place you with employers who need your current skill-set and with which you would be well-suited.

Step 4: acceptance into the program.

If you can commit to being willing to enter the program, if you satisfy all the program requirements, and if the NC-Expert assessment team feels that you would be a good fit for the program, you would receive a notification that you have been accepted into the program.

During this step, together, we would then determine what you are interested in and identify possible employment opportunities in your area. We will help fine-tune your resume and hone your interview skills. We will also work with you to find and approach company hiring managers and sell them on the benefits of considering you and the apprenticeship program. You should expect to go through an interview process with potential employers just like a regular candidate. It is likely that you will be doing this with multiple companies to give you as much exposure as possible.

Once you are successful in your interview, you will have a scheduled start date for your new job.

Step 5: From that point onward, the communication will be constant between you, your new employer, and NC-Expert. We will be a three-way partnership and will start scheduling you, right away, for classroom training and you will be on your way to an exciting new career!

To get started click the "Learn More" link below, then fill out and submit the form.

Once we receive your information, we will reach out to you to have a detailed discussion where you can ask any questions you may have about the program or process.

You do not need to wait until you separate from the military. We can start this process while you are transitioning and still on active duty.


Please note: employment cannot be guaranteed and Step 4 may be a lengthy process depending on the administration requirements, your geographic location, the type of job you are seeking, and the availability of an acceptable position within your area. We will work with you, as a partner, to help you find suitable employment so that the Apprenticeship program can commence.

"Without doubt, this class has been an excellent use of my time!"

"I took an online course. It was as effective as being in the classroom.
Outstanding class!" 

"I wouldn't trust anyone else to train me!"