How is WPA3 more secure than WPA2?

WPA3 better than WPA2

There is a lot of buzz in the industry about WPA3 and, especially, after the scare we had with WPA2 (see our blog post: krack-hack-is-wpa2-dead/). So, how is WPA3 more secure then WPA2? WPA3 is promising to improve security in multiple ways, over WPA2 If you have 802.1X/EAP/RADIUS (WPA2-Enterprise) configured (correctly) you can be quite…

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802.11ax – The next best thing?

802.11ax is it the next best thing? Happy New Year everyone! and with the new year, comes new shiny things – 802.11ax. As a networking engineer who has been around from long before 802.11n, and 802.11ac came along, it seems to be the same old story. Every time a new technology comes along, we get like…

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All I want for Christmas are some home Mesh APs

All I want for Christmas are some home Mesh APs… Well, it’s getting close to Christmas. You’re getting excited, you’ve been really good this year, and you’re hoping Santa will bring you a nice home Mesh network system for Christmas! Many Vendors are now selling home Mesh systems which operate by connecting wirelessly to each…

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Wireless Network Security – Only with an S

wireless network security

Wireless Network Security – it’s a huge concern I want to address important concerns about wireless network security, that a lot people don’t immediately understand about wireless: if you configure your wireless network with “no security” or “open authentication only” running, you basically have no security at all if you don’t configure PSK or 802.1X/EAP/RADIUS,…

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