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Location? Location! (Wi-Fi Location Services)

Bring Me My Goodies! Ordering your groceries online, and having them delivered to your home, is becoming a commonplace event, but new innovations being rolled out around the world are still inspiring awe. In the UK, in a small city about 50 miles north-west of London, one of these new innovations has been in existence…

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IEEE 802.11ax (aka Wi-Fi Alliance’s Wi-Fi 6) I was recently asked what I “thought” of 802.11ax. <gulp!> Honestly, nothing. I had heard of it but hadn’t seriously looked into it in any depth. Not having a technical background, I was a bit taken aback at being asked this question and, so, waffled for a while…

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New WiFi Naming Protocol – WiFi 6

New WiFi Naming Protocol – WiFi 6 We are expecting the imminent release of a new Wireless standard based on IEEE standards 802.11ax which will simply be known as “WiFi 6”. The hopes are that this new WiFi version will offer faster access: higher data rates, increased capacity, and overall enhanced performance. “What is it…

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The True Value of the Top Wireless Certifications

True Value of the Top Wireless Certifications

The True Value of the Top Wireless Certifications The Information Technology (IT) industry is famous for its plethora of industry-standard certifications. Engineers can choose from certifications in every aspect of the multitude of different facets within this huge field. The top wireless certifications are often an overlooked goldmine. Generally, people pick a favorite part of…

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