NC-Expert Referral Program

Program Overview

The NC-Expert Referral Program is quite simple, if you recommend someone and they take a course with us we will reward you!

We don't want to be a company only known for profits or even our expertise, we want to earn a great reputation in the market and we know the best way to do this is word of mouth. But if you are helping to market our company we want to reward you.

Anyone can refer people for courses, you can send us their name or simply tell them to mention you when they contact us. If they go on to purchase a course then we will reward you.

How To Get Rewarded

It's very simple, if you submit a lead and that person attends a class we pay you 5% of the price. No tricks, no catches. For example, you send someone to us to take a course and the price of that course is $2095.00. We get the lead, we do the quotes, we work out the schedules and details, we close the deal. If the deal is closed then on the second day of that course we send you a reward of $104.75. No limits or conditions, other than we must wait to see the person you are referring actually attends the course, to make sure they do not cancel. Want to send us one get $104.75, want to send us 100 then we'll send you $10,475.00.

This is not limited to any specific course; any sale of our products or services will qualify. Do you know companies or people looking for a custom course, an onsite course, a CCIE program, a special demand generation workshop or webinar...all of this qualifies!

How to get paid:

  • Cash- your reward will be mailed to you by check on the last day of the month for all leads that meet the criteria above
  • Amazon Credit- don't want the hassle of a check, then we can send your reward as an Amazon Gift Card
  • Use the reward for training- we will keep your rewards as credit, once you earn enough for a course, just choose the one you want
  • Sponsor a US Veteran- we will credit your reward in a special program designed to provide scholarships for free training for vets
  • Donate to a charity- tell us the charity you wish to donate to and we will send you reward directly to them on your behalf

Program Terms

The following conditions and terms apply

  • To earn rewards you must first register and be accepted in the Lead Generation Program, to register click the button below.
  • Rewards are only given after the referred person has made a full payment of a course. Reward payment will not be issued until the referred person attends the course. On the second day of the course after attendance is verified, the reward will be calculated. On the last day of the month this happens the reward will be paid to the Registered Lead Referrer.
  • You may choose where to credit your reward from the above options for each referral.
  • You CAN refer yourself, however you must be registered in the Lead Generation Program first

Sending people to us is simple, simply get them to go to our website and search for their course. When they fill out the request form tell them to list you as the person that referred them. Or of course you can email us their contact information, the course they are looking for and we will take it from there.

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