'DT' Scholarship Program

The Inspiration Behind The 'DT' Scholarship Program

Our CEO, Terry Jenkins, began his adult career serving in the United States Air Force as a Special Operations T.A.C.P. commonly referred to as a ROMAD or ETAC. This was the inspiration behind the name of ETAC Inc. which is now merged with NetCertExpert to form NC-Expert. The teams are now referred to as JTAC's and these men that served with him and those that came behind him still hold a special place in his heart. Terry comes from a long family tradition of Special Operations and Special Forces. His grandfather served in four separate wars and was one of the first official US Army Green Berets. His father served four tours in Vietnam as a US Navy UDT and SEAL Team one operator. His older brother just retired from the US Marine Corps after numerous tours in Afghanistan and Irag. And two of his sons are completing their enlistments in the US Navy.

During his time as a JTAC Terry had the honor of serving with a fellow JTAC brother, Isreal Del Toro (known within the team as 'DT'), and it's his story that has inspired Terry to initiate the NC-Expert Scholarship Program.

Before going into DT's specific story let's take a peak at what these guys are made of, what they do and who they are.

Only a select few wear the Black Beret that symbolizes the Tactical Air Control Party (TACP). It is the TACP’s job to control the fighters and to make sure they attack the correct target. This unique mission requires operating on the battlefield. Whether it’s parachuting out of an airplane from 20000 feet with the Special Forces, 800 feet with the 82nd Airborne Division, engaging in a tank assault with the 1st Armored Division, or operating deep behind enemy lines with the 75th Ranger Regiment, the TACP mission is the same…PUTTING BOMBS ON TARGET!

TACPs live, train, and deploy with the US Army units. When deployed, the TACPs live under austere field conditions, and are responsible for the coordination, de-confliction, and execution of all USAF attack aircraft. Qualified individuals, serving as Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs), provide final attack control to the pilots while the fighters are inbound to the target. The JTAC is responsible for ensuring that the pilot identifies and attacks the correct target while minimizing the risk to friendly ground forces. In modern warfare, this close air support means life or death to the surrounding military units the JTAC is supporting. In order to control the aircraft and ensure the airstrike is accurate JTACs are most commonly found right in the middle of the fight or far behind enemy lines. They are trained to survive and to protect each other regardless of the situation, to never leave a brother behind.

In the ten or so years the US has been involved in the War on Terror JTACs have earned the following medals many of which were awarded for combat bravery: 16 Sliver Stars, 47 Purple Hearts, 58 Bronze Stars w/valor, 622 Bronze Stars and 1,115 US Army Commendation medals (19 w/valor).

Below is a short video to give you an idea what a day in the life of a JTAC is all about.

DT's Story

DT was serving in a combat role when his vehicle was struck by an IED, his body was completely engulfed in flames yet he jumped out of the vehicle and went into a nearby stream. Even under the incredible pain DT continued his mission and coordinated numerous air strikes to save the remainder of the unit that was with him. Shortly after he went unconscious and didn't wake up for 3 months. After an incredible recovery process and several hundred surgeries DT continued to fight until he became the first US Serviceman to return to full Active Duty with a 100% disability. He continues to serve today and is now an active leader in the Invictus Games which are put on for Global Wounded Warriors and has set several world records. The JTAC motto is "The Strong Shall Stand The Weak Will Fall By The Wayside" and DT has more than lived up to that. He has become well known for his simple phrase "Never F!@#ing Give Up!"

Here is a short video of his story


The Program

When Terry first brought this idea up to the Executive Team we unanimously felt we could help in an honest and straight forward way. We are not running a program to take advantage of Veteran Funding, Disability Funding or any other source of money. Our concept is simple we are the leading Mobility Training Company and as such we have the ability to pass on skills and knowledge that can change people's lives. This is not just for Military Veterans, this applies to good hard working people that never give up. So we have expanded our program to include Unemployed or Laid-off people that are good, hard working, smart and honest people, people that need and deserve a second chance. We are also extending this to those college graduates that worked hard in school, they invested enormous sums of time, effort and money only to begin their careers in the worst unemployment phase this country has gone through. These young people also deserve a chance to succeed and they have worked hard and can't find the opportunity to even try to prove themselves. We want to honor the Spirit and Determination of DT to fight through a overwhelming hardship. Most people today have not gone through what DT has but transitioning from the military, getting laid off or graduating college with huge student debt can all make a person feel just as hopeless. DT had the support of his JTAC brothers, his family and the Experts that helped him recover. This is where we think we have the obligation to do the same for people. We are the Mobility Experts and we want to help those that have that same Spirit to Never Give Up!

On an article posted on InformationWeek.com about the 15 hottest jobs and skills in Technology for 2016, Wireless Network Engineer was number one. The two hottest certifications to create Wireless Network Engineers are the Cisco CCNA Wireless and the CWNP CWNA Certification. So NC-Expert has within their power to provide this training to those that deserve it and live up to the spirit of DT's message to Never Give Up.

So we have initiated the 'DT' Scholarship to provide a free Cisco CCNA Wireless and a free CWNA course to a deserving recipient. By giving both courses we believe we can arm individuals with a powerful combination of skills in very high-demand. We sale these courses for just under $7000 and we are going to give this for free.

But we don't just want to give away one, we want to give away many. So we have organized this to be an ongoing program. Every time NC-Expert makes a sale for a normal course we begin the count, when we hit 50 new sales/customers we will award a new scholarship. So customer number 50 we help someone, customer number 100 we help someone else and so on. Our goal is to give away 50 scholarships in the first 12 months of the program, that's $350,000 towards helping people get the same reward DT has received by overcoming his adversity; honor, self-respect and dignity.

How we get applications is simple, if you are a registered member of our site, meaning you have enrolled in the red box above, downloaded our Resource Center App on your phone or have been a customer and have registered your name and email you are qualified to submit people who you think should get this second chance. We simply ask you to submit their name and a brief description of their circumstance and why you feel they deserve this. Our CEO will personally contact the person and speak with them to hear about their situation. This is of course a technical skill set so we urge people to submit those they feel would be good in this field. However, we do not ask that they have prior technology backgrounds if they are willing to push hard and never give up.

Each time the 50 customer threshold is reached the NC-Expert Leadership Team will vote for the winner. Other nominations will remain in consideration as long as the program remains until they either overcome their adversities on their own or they win the scholarship. Each winner will be featured on the website.

You can use the button here to send the initial nomination in or you can email it directly to our CEO at TerryJenkins@nc-expert.com.

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