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The Program

Our Executive Team unanimously feels that we can help in an honest and straight-forward way. We are not running a program to take advantage of Veteran Funding, Disability Funding, or any other source of government or charitable money. Our thought process is simple: we are the leading Mobility training company and, as such, we have the ability to pass on skills and knowledge that can change people's lives. This program is not set up just for Military Veterans, this also applies to good hard working people that never give up trying. We have expanded our program to include Unemployed or Laid-off people that are good, hard working, smart, and honest - people that need and deserve a second chance. We are also extending this to those college graduates that worked hard in school, who invested enormous amounts of time, effort, and money, only to begin their careers in one of the worst unemployment phases this country has gone through in recent years. These young people also deserve a chance to succeed because they have worked hard and simply cannot find the opportunity to even try to prove themselves. We want to honor the spirit and determination of those who fight through overwhelming hardships. Most people today have not gone through what many have: transitioning from the military, getting laid off, or graduating college with huge student debt. All these things can all make a person feel hopeless. Some are lucky enough to have the support of family and friends and mental/physical healthcare experts - others, not so much. This is where we think we have the obligation to do the same for those people who are struggling through severe adversity. We are the Mobility Experts and we want to help those that have the "never give up, no matter what" spirit.

On an article posted on about the 15 hottest jobs and skills in Technology for 2016, Wireless Network Engineer was number one. The two hottest certifications to create Wireless Network Engineers are the Cisco CCNA Wireless and CWNP's CWNA certification. NC-Expert has within its power to provide this training to those that deserve it.

We have initiated the NC-Expert Scholarship to provide a free Cisco CCNA Wireless and a free CWNA course to a deserving recipient. By giving both courses we believe we can arm individuals with a powerful combination of skills in very high-demand. We regularly sell these courses for just under $7,000 and we are going to give these away for free!

But we don't just want to give away one set, we want to give away many. So we have organized this to be an ongoing program. Every time NC-Expert makes a sale for a regular course, we begin the count. When we hit 50 new sales/customers we will award a new scholarship. At customer number 50 we help someone, at customer number 100 we help someone else, and so on. Our goal is to give away 50 scholarships in the first 12 months of the program: that calculates out at $350,000 towards helping people toward overcoming adversity and the resulting honor, self-respect, and dignity that goes with it.

How we get applications is simple, if you are a registered member of our site, meaning you have enrolled in the red box above, downloaded our Resource Center App on your phone or have been a customer and have registered your name and email you are qualified to submit people who you think should get this second chance. We simply ask you to submit their name and a brief description of their circumstance and why you feel they deserve this. A member of our Executive Team will personally contact the person and speak with them to hear about their situation. This is of course a technical skill set so we urge people to submit those they feel would be good in this field. However, we do not ask that they have prior technology backgrounds if they are willing to push hard and not give up.

Each time the 50 customer threshold is reached the NC-Expert's Executive Team will vote for the winner. Other nominations will remain in consideration as long as the program remains, until they either overcome their adversities on their own, or they win the scholarship.

You can use the button below to submit your initial nomination, or you can email it directly to our CEO at

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