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CCIE Materials and Mentoring Packages

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Cisco CCIE Training Program –
CCIE Materials and Mentoring Packages Part 1 and Part 2

NC-Expert Training Program for CCIE Certification

CCIE is the “pinnacle” certification available to Cisco-focused engineers. Our specially-designed Expert-level CCIE Materials and Mentoring Packages help you with your goal of attaining this prized certification.

Our CCIE programs are suitable for engineers with 3-5 years of Cisco experience. They are designed to take a CCNP-level candidate from start to finish through the CCIE process. Preferably, the candidate will have already achieved a current CCNP, would have completed training in the latest version of the associated courses, or would already possess a skill-set to this level.

Our Recipe for Success

Our programs are designed and taught by accomplished CCIE engineers. These engineers know exactly what it takes to succeed – because they have done it!

It takes more than academic knowledge to pass CCIE. We combine the following elements into our programs to help prepare our candidates:

  • Systematic study of the CCIE Blueprint,
  • Realistic lab exercises and challenges,
  • Study techniques and approaches that help you stay on track and maximize retention,
  • Other materials (documents, presentations, videos) to reiterate and reinforce concepts,
  • We offer advice on test center selection, travel, eating, exam day time management, and even interacting with the exam proctor… all the little stuff that you might not think of,
  • and more!

In general our CCIE training programs consist of two parts, appropriately named CCIE Part 1, and CCIE Part 2.

Written Exam

Unlike many other CCIE training companies we do *not* mandate that you have already passed your Written exam prior to enrolling in our program.

In fact, enrolling in our program will help you with your study for the Written exam. Everything we present to you – especially in Part 1 of the CCIE programs – can be used in part, or in full, towards your Written exam study.

Although we do not have a specific 5-day class aimed at the Written exam, what we provide guides you on your journey to CCIE – and part of that journey requires passing your Written exam. So we have got you covered! 🙂


Expert-Level Training Program for CCIE Certification

CCIE Materials and Mentoring Packages – Part 1 and Part 2

Part 1 of each CCIE program is sold with a mandatory expert-level CCIE Materials and Mentoring Package 1. This is repeated for Part 2 with expert-level CCIE Materials and Mentoring Package 2 (which contains more materials and information along with additional mentoring hours).

Firstly, why are the expert-level CCIE Materials and Mentoring Packages “mandatory”? They are mandatory because, without them, you will definitely struggle – so much so that you might get to the point of wanting to give up. We don’t want this to happen to any of our candidates.

Through our significant experience in this field, we try to arm you with every possible assist, so that you stand the best chance of success.

These packages relate to the following training programs:

CCIE Materials and Mentoring Package Components

The following components are included in our expert-level CCIE Materials and Mentoring Packages*:

  • Candidate Welcome Interview (initial stages only)

Each newly-enrolled candidate is taken through an initial “get-to-know-you” interview and program overview.

During this call we will take a realistic measurement of where the candidate is starting from. This is critical for us to create a customized training plan. No two people get to CCIE the same way. We take into consideration current skill level and knowledge, how much hands-on is involved in their current job, family and job time commitments, etc. This will allow us to create a plan that fits the candidate.

The CCIE Training program generally takes most candidates an average of about 12 months from start to finish but, rest assured, if it takes you 18-months (or longer) the program can be adapted to fit you.

  • Initial Mentor Meeting (initial stages only)

This may be combined with the Welcome Interview: you will meet the mentor we will assign to you. Some of our mentors have 10+ years working with Cisco products and training, are excellent instructors and communicators, and will help you master the technologies.

At the conclusion of this initial mentor meeting, the NC-Expert CCIE team will craft a detailed study plan and you will be studying within your first two weeks after purchasing the program.

You will also meet your CCIE program coordinator during this meeting, this person will be responsible for regularly communicating with you and is only an email, or phone call, away when you need to ask a question, schedule a mentoring meeting, etc. They will also push you to stay on plan and will advise the team if events arise that would require us to adjust your program.

  • Study Plan (initiated in Package 1)

Also referred to as “Study Matrix”.

The study plan is an easy to follow spreadsheet matrix that maps the Cisco CCIE Lab exam blueprint to resources we have identified that will help you learn necessary concepts.

You will have no wasted time searching for documents to study or do any guesswork on how much time should be spent on each area. We have it all laid out for you and the documents are mapped over onto our server. All you have to do is just click and read.

We also advise you on how to begin to build you own notebooks with the information you will need to retain.

  • Access to NC-Expert’s Document Repository

See “Study Plan” above. Also sometimes referred to as “Reference Library.”

NC-Expert has spent a considerable time and energy amassing whitepapers, presentations, links, and documents, etc. into its repository for the use of its CCIE candidates.

This is included to provide a significant time- and energy-savings to the candidate. Our candidates have made comment that these materials are essential, interesting, and very instructive.

Access credentials are granted to candidates on a per package/6-month basis, so the candidate can gain entry whenever is convenient to them.

  • Expert-Level Workbook(s)

Lab practice is often the most critical and costly part of the CCIE investment. With our program you will have access to Workbook(s) containing in-depth lab scenarios.

The number of Workbooks you will receive, depends on which track you select.

Rack Time is included for CCIE Routing & Switching and CCIE Collaboration, but not for CCIE Wireless.

CCIE Wireless candidates are required to build their own lab rack. We offer an alternative for CCIE Wireless: candidates may purchase a pod from NC-Expert. Please speak with your Sales Representative about this option.

  • CCIE Technical Topic Webinars

NC-Expert’s CCIE Group Mentoring Webinar Series is designed to meet a very specific requirement in the CCIE study process. Many of the topics included in the study program are very difficult to understand through reading alone. Most of these topics are also far above typical training courses currently in the market. So, there is a knowledge-availability gap.

We host webinars for our CCIE candidates typically twice a month. These are usually hosted during non-work hours. The duration is typically about 1-2 hours in length and these address the lesser-known CCIE-level knowledge. This is where our webinars can really help. Examples of topics covered include wired and wireless QoS, dial plans, UCCX, etc.

Webinars are hosted on GoToWebinar or WebEx virtual attendance platforms and include a mixture of presentation, white-boarding, and discussion.

  • Access to NC-Expert’s Video Library

See “Technical Topic Webinars” above.

If the candidate missed attending a Group Mentoring Webinar, no need to worry. NC-Expert records its Group Mentoring Webinars and posts them in a restricted CCIE-only portal for access at the candidate’s convenience. This portal also contains extra videos on a number of additional, helpful topics.

Just as with the Document Repository, access credentials are granted to candidates on a per package/6-month basis, so the candidate can gain entry whenever convenient to them.

  • Individual Mentoring

1-on-1 time with a CCIE Expert is crucial, and one of the most unique components of our program.

We have found there are two main reasons people don’t complete their CCIE studies: [1] they can’t stay disciplined enough to get through the study hours needed, or [2] they hit areas, during their studies, that they don’t understand, and the frustration causes them to eventually give up.

We assign mentors who, we think, will be a good fit with the candidate to be successful. We include up to 6 hours per package / 6-month period of the program, to a total of up to 12 hours. The time is generally counted in 30-minute increments. The process is simple: the candidate contacts their coordinator and tells them what they are struggling with, the coordinator contacts the mentor and schedules a session. During the session the mentor and candidate go through the technology or technique that is causing them trouble and the mentor works with them 1-on-1 to demonstrate and teach them. This ensures the candidate never gets frustrated and can stay on track.

  • Group Study

There are also many opportunities to be involved in group study and/or group mentoring. One method is through email and invitation-only social groups where common questions and answers can be posted and discussed without using up the individual’s mentoring time.

  • Workshop Resits

Candidates are welcome to resit the lecture portion of previously-attended (same version) Workshops at no additional charge but, if the candidate wants to also participate in Workshop labs, an additional fee must be paid (this is a non-negotiable Cisco requirement which is not built in to our standard package pricing).

  • Summary

Together, the webinars and mentoring provide multiple days’ worth of instructor-led training throughout the program. When combined with the two 5-day courses, each candidate is receiving approximately 200+ hours of training through our 12-month program.

  • Final Note

Just as an FYI, we are not “nickel and dime-ing” you, or wasting your money with our expert-level CCIE Materials and Mentoring Packages.
We have heard the “Oh no  thanks, I don’t need the Materials/Mentoring Package. I’m fine,” so many times. And so many times, those same candidates have gone through the exact same process: they get stuck, feel miserable, come back to us for help, admit they thought they knew more than they actually did, and then purchase the Materials/Mentoring Package after all.
This has happened so often, we decided to save everyone’s time – and a lot of frustration – and make the Expert-level Materials/Mentoring Packages a mandatory part of the training program. 🙂

*Components may vary depending on Package chosen.