CCIE Routing and Switching Pt 2 – CIERS2

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NC-Expert Training Program for Cisco-Certified Internetworking Expert (CCIE)

CCIE is the pinnacle certification available to Cisco-focused engineers. Our CCIE Routing and Switching training program is suitable for engineers with 3-5 years of Cisco Routing and Switching experience.

Our program is designed to take a CCNP-level candidate from start to finish through the CCIE Routing and Switching process.

Preferably, the candidate will already have achieved a current CCNP or would have completed training in the latest version of the associated courses.

Cisco Expert-Level Training for CCIE Routing and Switching, Part 2 – CIERS2 Workshop

CCIE Routing and Switching Advanced Workshop 2 (CIERS2) is Cisco’s final training course for the candidate attempting their practical Lab exam.

This Workshop is designed to help candidates develop the skills necessary to pass the CCIE Routing and Switching practical Lab exam in a simulated exam environment.

This course is for technical professionals who are in their final stages of preparing for the Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching Practical Lab Exam. They will, ideally, attend this 5-day workshop when they are within 6 weeks’-to-1-month away from their practical Lab attempt.

Materials-and-Mentoring Packages

For the best opportunity for success, our Candidates take advantage of our linked Materials-and-Mentoring packages.



Advisory: CCNP Routing & Switching

Candidate must have either attended Workshop 1 – CIERS1 – (and have enrolled in and NC-Expert’s Mentoring Program) or have significant work experience in, and be very conversant with, related Cisco technologies

Candidate will have successfully taken Cisco’s CCIE Routing & Switching Written exam

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CCIE Routing and Switching Lab Exam

Course Outline

This Workshop will present the candidate with graded lab scenarios and give them advanced feedback and one-on-one time with their mentor/instructor.

The CCIE exams are not just about Cisco best practice, part of the scrutiny in the CCIE Lab is to test the candidate’s ability to think under pressure and out of the box. This requirement may seem strange, and the knowledge needed may not be learned through standard classes. We simulate the Lab environment, and monitor the candidate as the workshop progresses.

Additionally, we provide “tips and tricks” gathered from years of experience and will work with the candidate to prepare them for the rigors of the practical Lab exam itself.

Once the candidate is mentally prepared and has a basic planning strategy going into the exam, they are a long way along the road to success.