CCIE Wireless Pt 1 – CIEWL1

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NC-Expert Training Program for Cisco-Certified Internetworking Expert (CCIE)

Our program is designed to take a CCNP-level candidate from start to finish through the CCIE Wireless process.

Preferably, the candidate will already have achieved a current CCNP or would have completed training in the latest version of the associated courses.

CCIE is the pinnacle certification available to Cisco-focused engineers. Our CCIE Wireless training program is suitable for engineers with 3-5 years of Cisco Collaboration experience.

Expert-Level Training for Cisco CCIE Wireless, Part 1 – Workshop 1

CCIE Wireless Advanced Workshop 1 (CIEWL1) is part of NC-Expert’s CCIE Expert-level training program.

CIEWL1 provides 5 days of expert level topics targeted at CCIE candidates in the early or middle stages of their studies. This workshop provides a solid foundation upon which the candidate can build. It then progresses to more advanced technologies, introducing candidates to the more complex concepts that need to be mastered for the CCIE.

Finally, the workshop starts to prepare candidates for the high pressure, intense environment of the CCIE wireless exam by giving them practice scenarios to work through.

Materials-and-Mentoring Packages

For the best opportunity for success, our Candidates take advantage of our linked Materials-and-Mentoring packages.



Officially: None

Advisory: CCNP Wireless, or to be working, and very conversant, with related technologies

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Course Outline

You will learn expert level concepts for deploying a Cisco Wireless environment such as:

  • Network Infrastructure
  • QoS
  • Unified Deployments
  • Flex-Connect
  • Autonomous Deployments
  • Security
  • IPv6
  • Multicasting
  • RRM and CleanAir


CCIE Wireless Program 12-month Package – Special Add-On Offer

Dedicated Lab Purchase with Buy Back Option

Lab practice is often the most critical and costly part of the CCIE investment. CCIE Wireless is one of the most expensive, due to the equipment costs. Purchasing core practice equipment can easily cost the candidate well over US$20,000 for just part of the Blueprint. Add to this, other components such as APs, switches, and servers and the investment prevents many from pursuing this CCIE.

We approached this problem from a new and unique perspective much the same way we did the rest of the program.

We simply provide the option of charging an additional fee as an add-on to the full program price. We take this amount and purchase the needed equipment from places where used equipment is often sold. We ship this to our HQ in California and cable, power, and cool it for you.

This is then assigned as the candidate’s dedicated lab, and no-one else will share your equipment. Configurations are left untouched as the candidate leaves them. This eliminates the problem with most of our competitor’s time-share models where you have to compete with other candidates to schedule time to practice and reset your configurations.

We know studying for CCIE is something you do whenever you get time: after work, during lunch, weekends, etc. Why should you have to jump through hoops to practice?

Your equipment is plugged into our shared infrastructure on as as-needed basis. When you want to use the shared resources, you simply send your coordinator an email, and we tell you when there is time available. Otherwise, you have unlimited lab access and no limits on hours available – it’s your equipment! This is the only shared infrastructure we use. These devices account for less than 10% of your studies.

This also gives the candidate the extra benefit of having a happier “significant other” because the living room is not hot or humming with Cisco equipment… nor does the electricity bill double during your studies!

At the completion of your CCIE, when you no longer have a use for the lab, we will buy it back from you at 40% of its then-current value. This could mean your required total investment in equipment goes from over US$30,000 down to a fraction of that amount.

Please note that this add-on option is only available, as special assistance, to candidates who enroll in the full (12-month) program. For more details, including pricing, please contact us at