Deploying Cisco Connected Mobile Experience (WCMX)

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Deploying Cisco Connected Mobile Experience (WCMX)

Cisco Technology Training

Cisco offers business and network service innovation with the Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) wireless platform solution. The purpose of this 2-day WCMX course is to prepare professionals to use the Cisco Unified Access Infrastructure and the Cisco Service

Location and Analytics are really “hot topics” in Wireless. The wireless Location model has evolved from simple RFID tags into advanced, feature-rich Bluetooth low energy designs, and exciting new applications which can run on handheld devices.

5 years ago, you would find a Location service in a retail environment, simply tracking products. Location services have been expanded far beyond this simple model. Today, you are likely to find Location services in a museum, delivering content such as video and background on a dinosaur exhibit, or showing playback of a volcanic eruption, all based on your position in that museum.

Shoppers may notice that the advertisements they see on their mobile phone applications are “coincidentally” relevant to where they are inside the mall, thanks to Location services. Also, store owners can be given historical data on foot traffic based on information gathered by those same Location servers.

Cisco Connected Mobile Experience (CMX) has the potential to revolutionize the customer experience and to optimize sales analytics and reporting.

NC-Expert is offering this class which has been updated to include the latest Cisco hardware and Location concepts, right up to HyperLocation and BLE.


Deploying Cisco Connected Mobile Experience (WCMX) Training

This course includes training in how to utilize location capabilities while providing interactive useful mobile content. It addresses using location services to obtain optimum positioning and tracking, and usage of analytics to provide meaningful data analysis and its use in optimization and troubleshooting. Finally, the course illustrates how to configure, administer and manage interactive onboarding.

Course Objectives

  • Describe available location techniques in a Wi-Fi location tracking system
  • Define the Cisco UWN requirements to support CMX and provide a high-level overview of the capabilities provided by CMX
  • Articulate the impact of AP positioning and Client behavior have on the ability to accurately determine the physical location of a client along with accurately estimating the additional load the existing network infrastructure will see when adding Location Tracking and Alerting capabilities to a Cisco UWN
  • Identify and navigate the various types of analysis processes that can be conducted as part of the CMX solution
  • Describe and implement the available CMX on-boarding solutions


  • Cisco CCNA® or equivalent work experience
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Windows and Windows networking

In addition, preferred

  • Prior completion of the Cisco Wireless LAN Essentials course (WLE)
  • Prior completion of the Cisco Deploying Basic Wireless LAN’s course (WDBWL)

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WCMX Course Outline

  • CMX Overview and Location Concepts
  • Onsite Visibility and Control, Accuracy, and Dimensioning
  • Onsite Analytics, including Analytics Overview, Operation, Presence, and Reporting
  • Interactive Onboarding using Visitor Connect and Facebook WiFI
  • CMX Today – FastLocate, HyperLocate, and the 4800
  • CMX Tomorrow – the Future