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Safety First

Safety First We have all heard about the Dark Web, but not many people really understand its uses. Unfortunately, one of the many things it is often used for, is the illegal trade of stolen information – yours and mine! Let me digress for a moment… Back in history, travel was one of the most…

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The Invisible Achilles’ Heel of Network Security

The Invisible Achilles’ Heel of Network Security Not too long ago, we tweeted an article about the biggest hacks of 2018 and yet another has just been revealed. This is becoming commonplace. The trend seems to be indicating that too many people have become complacent in their security protection. Hacking of any company’s data is BIG business –…

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Why IT Industry Certifications?

Why IT Industry Certifications? We are often asked whether IT industry certifications are they really worth the effort it takes to achieve them?” The short answer: it depends what they are for, and who they are from. It is always best to select a well-known certification from a reputable provider: Apple, Citrix, CompTIA, Cisco, CWNP,…

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