Free Space Path Loss

I am sure you have seen this graphic from my good friend, Francois Verges’, website:

Free Space Path Loss

The graphic is shown here, with a great explanation:

It is awesome, and explains Free Space Path Loss in a simple way.

Well, I was thinking, what would it be like for 6GHz* and also for 60GHz. And, while I am there, how about calculating for 1GHz (approximation of sub-1GHz) as well?

So, I did.

Here are the calculations:**

A fillable copy of the calculation spreadsheet is available by emailing


*Francois has updated his site for 6GHz as well.

**The reason I added a 7GHz line, is 6GHz actually goes from just below 6GHz to just above 7GHz. So, if you are using one of the higher channels, it is more applicable to 7GHz than 6GHz.


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