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NC-Expert offers one of the most comprehensive wireless training programs in the market. We offer both Cisco and CWNP portfolios.
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Cisco Wireless Training


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CWNP Wireless Training


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You tell us you struggle to get the funding and the time off for training. You tell us you want to be able to do BOTH Cisco and CWNP. We listen to our Customers... so, we are announcing the industry's first Multi-Vendor Combo Courses!

We author and teach these types of courses all the time so we know where the common topics are between the courses. This enables us to combine some of the courses into a single week saving your company time and money. Wireless design is taught the same way between the two vendors so why not knock them both out at the same time?

We can offer the following bootcamp options to employers with a team of people to train: train once, study once, and pass both!

CWNA and CCNA Wireless (WiFUND) - 6 days

CWSP and CCNP Wireless (WiSECURE) - 6 days

CWDP and CCNP Wireless (WiDESIGN) - 6 days

CWAP and CCNP Wireless (WiTSHOOT) - 6 days

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Maybe you just want to knock out the CWNP courses in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible? With us - a CWNP partner which maintains the highest partnership level and is authorized to teach all the CWNP courses - you save time because we are able to combine classes into a single week AND you save money because our prices are strongly competitive.

Don't be fooled by those out there that sell 5-day versions of the individual courses. Most end the days early and have fewer labs but still drag it out to justify the higher price. Our goal is to get you in and out with the BEST Return on Investment.

All of our classes include in-depth labs that go far beyond CWNP's requirements. All the material is covered and, no, you won't be in class until midnight! Most of our customers like the fact that we don't waste their time and they get twice as much training for less in the same week out of work. Individuals and teams can benefit from the time-savings we offer:

CWTS and CWNA - 5 days

CWNA and CWDP - 6 days

CWNA and CWSP - 6 days

CWSP and CWDP - 6 days

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