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CWNP consults with industry leaders to determine which course content will be most valuable to candidates and their employers. By providing vendor-neutral training, CWNP ensures that candidates become conversant in available technologies which, in turn, permits candidates and employers to gain considerable return on investment by utilizing multiple features of the various available technologies to provide the most effective solutions to problems.

CWNP regularly updates its training courses in order to bring you the most up-to-date and relevant industry training. This does not affect the expiry date of previously-awarded CWNP certifications already held by recipients. NC-Expert prides itself on bringing you state of the art technology training and you can rest assured that we always provide the most up to date versions of available training.

We listen to our customers! Our corporate clients tell us that they struggle to find the time to give their employees off for training. They tell us they want you to be able to do BOTH Cisco and CWNP! So we are announcing the industry's first Multi-Vendor Combo Courses.

We author and teach these courses all the time so we know where the common topics are between the courses. This enables us to combine some of the courses into a single week saving your company time and money. Wireless design is taught the same way between the two vendors so why not knock them both out at the same time? Train once, Study once, and Pass both! We offer the following options for corporate IT employees and teams:

CWNA and CCNA Wireless (WiFUND) - 6 days

CWSP and CCNP Wireless (WiSECURE) - 6 days

CWDP and CCNP Wireless (WiDESIGN) - 6 days

CWAP and CCNP Wireless (WiTSHOOT) - 6 days

Maybe you just want to knock out the CWNP courses in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. The CWNA course introduces topics that are covered in more depth in the Professional courses. This means that if you go with a vendor like NC-Expert that maintains the highest partnership level with CWNP and is Authorized to teach all CWNP courses, then we know these courses so well we can combine them into a single week.

Don't be fooled by those out there that sell 5-day versions of the individual courses, most end the days early and have fewer labs but still drag it out to justify the higher price. Our goal is to get you in and out with the best return on investment. We provide back-to-back combinations of our classes to save your valuable time.

In either our single classes, or in our back-to-back combinations (like the ones shown below), our classes include in-depth labs that go far beyond CWNP's requirements, all material is covered and, no, you won't be stuck in class until midnight! Most of our customers like our back-to-back classes because it shows we value their time as much as they do - and they get twice as much training for the same amount of time out of the office!

CWTS and CWNA - 5 days

CWNA and CWSP - 6 days

CWNA and CWDP - 6 days

CWSP and CWDP - 6 days

Or you can take just one class at a time - it is up to you. :)

Check out the sections below to see more details of our Associate options:
  • Technology Specialist (CWTS) and
  • Network Administrator (CWNA)
or, if you already have CWNA, check out our Professional series:
  • Network Security (CWSP),
  • Network Design (CWDP), and
  • Network Analysis and Troubleshooting (CWAP)

(CWTS) Certified Wireless Technology Specialist

This certification is ideal for Sales Managers, non-technical Engineering Team Managers, and those beginning their careers in Wireless Networking.

The training for this certification provides a solid foundation in Wireless Networking and gives a high-level overview of the field.

The concepts which can be learned in this class will act as a firm foundation upon which to take the next CWNP training class(es). This class introduces topics such as basic RF theory in an easy-to-understand format, which will provide a solid foundation in Wireless Networking.

The course offers training in basic RF theory, regulatory requirements, and explains the methodology for implementation of WLAN devices. This course focuses on introducing Wi-Fi sales and support professionals to the latest in 802.11 technologies.

If the student is considering entering into, or advancing within, the wireless networking industry, this course will introduce the student to the basic, necessary understanding.

This class is the first in the series of CWNP certification classes which can lead to the prestigious CWNE – Certified Wireless Networking Expert – designation!

(CWNA) Certified Wireless Network Administrator

Latest! CWNA - updated October 1st - includes many new Standards plus new Design and Troubleshooting sections

Download the "What Changed?" document to see the new updates.

In order to reach CWNP Associate level the candidate must train in Networking Technology and have a working knowledge of Wireless.

This certification is ideal for engineers who have at least 1 year of experience in the field.

This certification requires more technical knowledge than CWTS and acts as a "gateway" (prerequisite) to the Professional suite of certifications.

The Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) training class covers a multitude of topics ranging from RF Frequencies, Wireless LAN Analysis, and RF Math, to Site Surveying and Antennas.

This class provides the networking professional with a solid foundation of knowledge for entering into, or advancing within, the wireless networking industry.

From basic RF theory to 802.11 Frame Exchange processes, this course delivers hands-on training that will benefit the novice as well as the experienced network professional.

Main Areas Covered by CWNA:

  • Radio Frequency (RF) Technologies
  • Antenna Concepts
  • Wireless LAN Hardware and Software
  • Network Design, Installation, and Management
  • Wireless Standards and Organizations
  • 802.11 Network Architecture
  • Wireless LAN Security
  • Troubleshooting
  • How to Perform Site Surveys

Wireless Professional

CWNP Wireless certifications are widely known and are accepted proof of state-of-the-art vendor-neutral knowledge in the wireless industry.When taught by NC-Expert instructors who have a full mastery of the topics being presented an engineer can feel confident they will leave the courses and certification with a highly valued set of skills needed by the market today. We warn against our competitors offerings of the same courses due to the high knowledge level required by an instructor to successfully communicate the concepts.

All NC-Expert instructors teaching these courses have proven Expert level knowledge and experience in the real-world through live design, deployment and troubleshooting of customer networks.

Obtaining one of the three CWNP Professional level certifications can take up to eight weeks for most engineers. We have special pricing to allow you to bundle courses and spread the cost. We also offer 6-day bootcamps which combine two Professional level courses into a shorter period of time.

To reach CWNP Professional level the candidate must first have attained the Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) certification.

(CWSP) Certified Wireless Security Professional

The Certified Wireless Security Professional course covers the Security aspects of Wireless Networking. In this class, students are taught about various forms of Security Technologies, Management, and Monitoring.

The Certified Wireless Security Professional (Wireless LAN Security) training course demonstrates the latest enterprise wireless LAN security and auditing equipment. This class addresses the state-of-the-art WLAN intrusion and DoS tools and techniques. It also investigates the functionality of the 802.11i amendment to the 802.11 standard and the inner-workings of each EAP type used with wireless LANs today, along with every class and type of WLAN security solution available on the market ~ from wireless intrusion prevention systems to wireless network management systems.

This course addresses, in detail, the most important and relevant WLAN security protocols, exchanges, and deployment strategies. The class focuses heavily on understanding the functionality of the 802.11i amendment, including authentication, encryption, and key management. 802.1X and EAP are also central to this class, with an in-depth examination of each authentication mode and EAP type used in wireless LANs today.

Other infrastructure security solutions are also discussed, such as role-based access control, segmentation, VPNs, firewalls, wireless intrusion prevention and monitoring, secure roaming, and network management. The Wireless LAN Security course consists of hands on learning using the latest enterprise wireless LAN security and auditing equipment.

Students who complete the course will be exposed to the necessary skills for implementing and managing wireless security in an enterprise environment, by creating layer2 and layer3 hardware and software solutions utilizing industry leading manufacturers’ equipment.

(CWDP) Certified Wireless Design Professional

Certified Wireless Design Professional, or CWDP, training will provide the student with the skills to design enterprise WiFi networks across multiple deployments, environments, and/or applications on multiple brands of equipment.

Candidates will learn how to plan and design 802.11 networks regardless of the infrastructure of the deployment environment. The CWDP Wireless LAN Design course consists of instructor-led training applicable to the design of wireless LANs using the latest technologies including 802.11n and 802.11ac. This class goes in-depth into the design process and provides students with the knowledge needed to plan, deploy and test modern 802.11-based networks.

(CWAP) Certified Wireless Analysis Professional

Certified Wireless Analysis Professional, or CWAP, course is designed to provide the candidate with Wireless LAN analysis and troubleshooting tools. This course introduces the student to Physical and MAC Layer Formats and Technologies, Protocol Operation, and Analysis Tools and their Methodologies.

This training class demonstrates the most up-to-date enterprise wireless LAN analysis and troubleshooting concepts. It delves deeply into the functionality of WLANs, intended operation of the 802.11 protocol and Wi-Fi Alliance specifications, WLAN frame formatting and structure, troubleshooting methodology, and protocol analysis. In addition it exposes the student to in-depth training in modern spectrum analysis with a focus on advanced RF behavior analysis, data collection methods, interpreting spectrum plots and charts, and understanding advanced features of WLAN spectrum analyzers.

Students who are successful in this class will acquire the necessary skills for analyzing, assessing, and troubleshooting wireless operation in the enterprise, utilizing hardware and software solutions from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

Wireless Expert

(CWNE) Certified Wireless Networking Expert

Our CWNE Academy program is designed to take the student from ground-level wireless networking professional and provide the instruction and guidance to assist the student to submit their application to CWNP and call themselves a wireless networking “Expert”!

Our CWNE Academy program consists of the entire CWNP portfolio along with additional mentoring and support.

Whether the program is sought to increase knowledge, provide the student with better job security, or to be used as a springboard to change employers or careers, NC-Expert's CWNE Academy will help the student along their road to obtaining some of the necessary certifications to help achieve that goal.

Contact us to create a custom training plan to get from where you are today to the CWNE Certification.

As part of the CWNE Academy, we offer a free 1-day CWNE Workshop in which we will help you format your application, show you how to meet the publishing requirements, suggest the types of your acquaintances you might use for endorsements, and we offer assistance in writing your required essays.

CWNE Application Process

The Certified Wireless Network Expert (CWNE) designation is the final step in the CWNP Program. By successfully completing the CWNE requirements, you will have demonstrated that you have the most advanced skills available in today's enterprise Wi-Fi market.

The CWNE certification assures that you have mastered all relevant skills to administer, install, configure, troubleshoot, and design wireless network systems. In addition, aspiring CWNE candidates will need to demonstrate deep understanding of protocol analysis, intrusion detection and prevention, performance and QoS analysis, spectrum analysis and management and advanced design.

Candidates interested in applying to become a CWNE have often spent years training and working in the wireless industry have made a significant accomplishments and contributions to the field. The intent of CWNE designation is to certify their advanced level of expertise.

There are a number of requirements for CWNE certification:

  • Exams: Candidate must have passed the following certification exams: CWNA, CWSP, CWDP, CWAP. These certifications must be valid at the time of CWNE Application submission
  • Experience: The Candidate must have a minimum of three (3) years' verifiable, documented, full-time professional work experience related to WiFi networks. This experience may include pre- and post-sales engineering, consulting, or support services, or instructing experience in:
    • Enterprise WiFi Administration
    • Enterprise WiFi Security
    • Enterprise WiFi Protocol Analysis
    • Enterprise WiFi Quality of Service
  • Endorsements: You will need three (3) endorsements from people familiar with your work history. They will be contacted.
  • Achievements: You will need documented activities in regard to Publication(s), Project Documentation, and IT Certifications (see notes below).
  • Recertification: CWNEs are expected to maintain their level of expertise according to CWNPs Continuing Education standards. (CWNA/CWSP/CWDP/CWAP are each valid for 3 years and must be renewed to keep them valid.)

The three most challenging areas for CWNE Candidates outside of passing the required CWNP Administrator and Professional certifications are:

  • [1] Publishing of one of the following on an 802.11 topic (for evaluation of explanatory ability related to technical knowledge):
    • One published Wi-Fi whitepaper (10+ pages, to be reviewed by CWNP)
    • One published Wi-Fi book (with ISBN)
    • One recorded (video) instructional presentation
    • A published Wi-Fi article in excess of 1000 words
    • Regularly updated blog (at least six 802.11-related posts)
    • Other writing projects must be pre-approved to be considered, CWNP often makes writing projects available to those seeking CWNE status to assist in meeting this requirement
  • [2] Writing three (3) Wi-Fi Project Documentation essays. Each item must be a 500-1,000 word essay demonstrating:
    • Your valuable participation in, or leadership of, enterprise Wi-Fi implementation or reparation projects, showing problem resolution capabilities
    • Proper use of 802.11/WLAN vernacular
    • An in-depth understanding of complex WLAN topics
    • Accomplishments in design, installation, and configuration of 802.11 networks
  • [3] Holding two (2) current, valid networking certifications from non-CWNP certification providers, in any of the topics below.
    • Voice/QoS
    • Routing/Switching
    • Security
    • Protocol Analysis
    • Radio Frequency (non-WLAN)
    • Network Design

In addition, CWNE Professional Experience May Also Include:

  • Work requiring 802.11/WLAN education (training)
  • Work requiring habitual memory of 802.11 topics shared with others doing similar work
  • Management of projects and/or other employees involving 802.11 hardware and/or software
  • Work requiring creative writing and oral communication on 802.11 topics
  • Teaching, instructing, training and the mentoring of others on 802.11 topics
  • Research and development on 802.11 technologies and systems

We have a special Workshop just for the application, if you have competed everything else already, and we can help you navigate this difficult process.

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