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NC-Expert offers the most comprehensive wireless training program in the market. We offer both Cisco and CWNP portfolios. Choose your course and get started now!

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We are different from all the others:

We not only offer the most comprehensive program in the market, we offer the most qualified instructors (CCIE Wireless & CWNE) many have several other CCIE level certifications!

We go beyond the vendor material, many of our courses include technology updates that help you with the products you are purchasing today!

But we don't stop there we offer the most affordable training in the market!

We offer our courses throughout the US in addition to our HQ office in Pleasanton, California. All courses can be attended virtually at a lower cost with the same live instructor and hands-on labs!

If we save money in the delivery then you also save money, we pass on the savings to you! Our goal is to get you the maximum amount of training from your budget, no one should have to be forced to take 3-4 years to obtain a certification because of the price!

We sale programs not courses like our competitors.

Every course program includes the following:

  • Official Vendor Course- we are strategic partners with both Cisco and CWNP
  • 6-Month enrollment into Group Mentoring- meet in a study group format to dig into topics, strategies, etc. that will help you master both the technology and the exam
  • 6-Month enrollment in live after-hours webinars- we take the extra time to cover the concepts that need more explanation
  • Unlimited Virtual Re-takes of the course-some restrictions apply
  • Exam Vouchers

Why do we do this because these skills are critical today and most people need more than just a few days to master them. Our goal is to give you enough time to feel compfrtable and master the topic. Exams are easy when you know the material.

Entry-Level Wireless Certification Training

(WiFund) Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Fundementals

The WiFund course is the single course you will need to take to achieve your CCNA Wireless Certification. This is a 5-day course that will prepare you for the base line requirements involved in managing a Corporate Wireless Infrastructure. You will learn foundational concepts for deploying a Cisco Wireless environment such as:

  • Understand basic RF principles and characteristics
  • Describe WLAN security methods and access with different client devices
  • Define the Cisco WLAN architecture and underlying infrastructure used to support it
  • Implement a central wireless access network using AireOS or IOS-XE wireless LAN controllers
  • Deploy a converged wireless access network using IOS-XE converged access switches and wireless LAN controllers
  • Implement small and remote access wireless networks using FlexConnect, Autonomous or Cloud (Meraki) architectures
  • Perform basic WLAN maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Describe requirements for WLAN design

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(CWTS + CWNA) Certified Wireless Technology Specialist & Network Administrator

The Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) training class covers a multitude of topics ranging from RF Frequencies, Wireless LAN Analysis, and RF Math, to Site Surveying and Antennas.

This class provides the networking professional with a solid foundation of knowledge for entering into, or advancing within, the wireless networking industry.

From basic RF theory to 802.11 Frame Exchange processes, this course delivers hands-on training that will benefit the novice as well as the experienced network professional.

You will learn foundational concepts for deploying a Vendor Neutral Wireless environment such as:

  • Radio Frequency (RF) Technologies
  • Antenna Concepts
  • Wireless LAN Hardware and Software
  • Network Design, Installation, and Management
  • Wireless Standards and Organizations
  • 802.11 Network Architecture
  • Wireless LAN Security
  • Troubleshooting
  • How to Perform Site Surveys

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Professional-Level Wireless Certification Training

CCNP Wireless

To reach CCNP Wireless Certification you must first have the CCNA Wireless certification and then successfully pass the four exams associated with the CCNP Level Courses.

  • Valid CCNA Wireless
  • Pass Exam 300-360 WIDESIGN
  • Pass Exam 300-365 WIDEPLOY
  • Pass Exam 300-375 WISECURE
  • Pass Exam 300-370 WITSHOOT

The DDACW and OSACW courses were designed by NC-Expert to provide an accelerated program to reached Advanced and Professional level skill-sets in Cisco Wireless. Together these two courses cover all four of the required courses for CCNP.

  • Accelerated 12-day Cisco CCNP Training Program.
  • Each course is 6-days long with several weeks between
  • Updates to the Cisco CCNP courses.
  • All core products and features are covered but additional products and features are added to ensure you are receiving training on the same products you are purchasing today for your enterprise
  • Serves as the foundation courses for our CCIE track for those that desire to progress from CCNA to CCIE in the most cost-effective way.

These courses are Cisco Endorsed and Authorized NC-Expert Exclusive Courses

(DDACW) Designing and Deploying Advanced Cisco Wireless

This course covers the baseline information covered in the WIDESIGN and WIDEPLOY courses as well as the following additional content:

  • Describe the customer Wi-Fi design process
  • Design for data coverage
  • Design for voice and real-time applications
  • Design for location and Cisco CMX
  • Design for Wi-Fi beyond the enterprise campus
  • Describe how to conduct a site survey
  • Deploying Advanced Wi-Fi Infrastructure
  • Configuring Advanced Capabilities in Data Design
  • Configuring Advanced Capabilities in Voice and Real-Time Application Designs
  • Configuring Advanced Capabilities in Location Designs
  • Configuring Advanced Capabilities in Outdoor and High Density Designs
  • New products and features released and available. (This course is updated as Cisco releases new products and features)
  • Third Party Tools. (This course goes beyond the introductory content to provide in-depth information on Ekahau and MetaGeek)
  • ISE 2.x updates and CMX 10.x updates

(OSACW) Optimizing and Securing Advanced Cisco Wireless

This course covers the baseline information covered in the WISECURE and WITSHOOT courses as well as the following additional content:

  • Identify and design security strategies in a Wi-Fi design
  • Design and deploy Cisco ISE and management platforms
  • Secure a Wi-Fi infrastructure
  • Design and deploy End Point and Client security
  • Design and deploy Wi-Fi access control
  • Design and deploy advanced monitoring capabilities
  • Describe the Troubleshooting Methodology
  • Troubleshoot AP Joining Issues
  • Troubleshoot Client Connectivity Issues
  • Identify and Locate RF Interferences
  • Troubleshoot Client Performance Issues
  • Identify Common Wired Infrastructure Issues Based on the Output From Common Troubleshooting Tools
  • Troubleshoot WLC and AP High Availability Issues
  • New products and features released and available. (This course is updated as Cisco releases new products and features)
  • Deploying Both Wired and Wireless QoS and AVC end-to-end across the enterprise
  • ISE 1.3 and 2.x updates
  • Advanced Diagnostic and Troubleshooting Sections that go beyond the CCNP courses. The same techniques that are required to pass the initial phase of the CCIE Lab Exam are used in the content and hands-on labs.

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CWNP Wireless

CWNP Wireless certifications are widely known and are accepted proof of state-of-the-art vendor-neutral knowledge in the wireless industry. When taught by NC-Expert instructors who have a full mastery of the topics being presented an engineer can feel confident they will leave the courses and certification with a highly valued set of skills needed by the market today.

Obtaining one of the three CWNP Professional level certifications can take up to eight weeks for most engineers. We have special pricing to allow you to bundle courses and spread the cost. We also offer 6-day boot camps which combine two Professional level courses into a shorter period of time.

To reach CWNP Professional level the candidate must first have attained the Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) certification.

(CWDP) Certified Wireless Design Professional

Certified Wireless Design Professional, or CWDP, training will provide the student with the skills to design enterprise WiFi networks across multiple deployments, environments, and/or applications on multiple brands of equipment.

Candidates will learn how to plan and design 802.11 networks regardless of the infrastructure of the deployment environment. The CWDP Wireless LAN Design course consists of instructor-led training applicable to the design of wireless LANs using the latest technologies including 802.11n and 802.11ac. This class goes in-depth into the design process and provides students with the knowledge needed to plan, deploy and test modern 802.11-based networks.

  • Understand Design Strategies
  • Describe Best Practices for Network Planning
  • Explain the Available Technologies to Satisfy 802.11n and 802.11ac Design Requirements
  • Describe Advanced Site Surveying
  • Understand Design Troubleshooting Methodologies

(CWSP) Certified Wireless Security Professional

The Certified Wireless Security Professional course covers the Security aspects of Wireless Networking. In this class, students are taught about various forms of Security Technologies, Management, and Monitoring.

The Certified Wireless Security Professional (Wireless LAN Security) training course demonstrates the latest enterprise wireless LAN security and auditing equipment. This class addresses the state-of-the-art WLAN intrusion and DoS tools and techniques. It also investigates the functionality of the 802.11i amendment to the 802.11 standard and the inner-workings of each EAP type used with wireless LANs today, along with every class and type of WLAN security solution available on the market ~ from wireless intrusion prevention systems to wireless network management systems.

This course addresses, in detail, the most important and relevant WLAN security protocols, exchanges, and deployment strategies. The class focuses heavily on understanding the functionality of the 802.11i amendment, including authentication, encryption, and key management. 802.1X and EAP are also central to this class, with an in-depth examination of each authentication mode and EAP type used in wireless LANs today.

Other infrastructure security solutions are also discussed, such as role-based access control, segmentation, VPNs, firewalls, wireless intrusion prevention and monitoring, secure roaming, and network management. The Wireless LAN Security course consists of hands on learning using the latest enterprise wireless LAN security and auditing equipment.

Students who complete the course will be exposed to the necessary skills for implementing and managing wireless security in an enterprise environment, by creating layer2 and layer3 hardware and software solutions utilizing industry leading manufacturers’ equipment.

  • Describe WLAN Discovery Techniques
  • Understand Intrusion and Attack Techniques
  • Explain 802.11 Protocol Analysis
  • Understand Network Security Design Models
  • Explain How to Build a Robust Security Network from the Ground Up
  • Understand Authentication and Key Management Protocols
  • Understand Wireless LAN Management Systems
  • Define 802.11 Design Architectures

(CWAP) Certified Wireless Analysis Professional

Certified Wireless Analysis Professional, or CWAP, course is designed to provide the candidate with Wireless LAN analysis and troubleshooting tools. This course introduces the student to Physical and MAC Layer Formats and Technologies, Protocol Operation, and Analysis Tools and their Methodologies.

This training class demonstrates the most up-to-date enterprise wireless LAN analysis and troubleshooting concepts. It delves deeply into the functionality of WLANs, intended operation of the 802.11 protocol and Wi-Fi Alliance specifications, WLAN frame formatting and structure, troubleshooting methodology, and protocol analysis. In addition it exposes the student to in-depth training in modern spectrum analysis with a focus on advanced RF behavior analysis, data collection methods, interpreting spectrum plots and charts, and understanding advanced features of WLAN spectrum analyzers.

Students who are successful in this class will acquire the necessary skills for analyzing, assessing, and troubleshooting wireless operation in the enterprise, utilizing hardware and software solutions from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

  • Understand WLAN Frame Formatting and Structure
  • Explain the Concept of RF Behavior Analysis
  • Define the Advanced Features of WLAN Spectrum Analyzers
  • Understand Data Collection Method Options
  • Describe Analysis, Assessment, and Troubleshooting Methodologies

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Expert-Level Wireless Certification Training

CCIE Wireless v3.1

NC-Expert has created the most comprehensive CCIE Wireless Version 3.1 Program in the market. We have collaborated with over 20 current CCIE Wireless Engineers from around the globe to create one of the most unique CCIE programs ever to hit the market. We offer several tracks to cover engineers beginning their studies prior to CCNP level certification to an accelerated program for those already holding a current CCIE in another specialty.

Our CCIE courses are only taught by current CCIE Wireless Instructors and as with all of our CCIE programs our lead developers always hold more than one CCIE and have at least 3 years in the field before we allow them to create a program designed to make our customers an Expert. We know this differentiates us from our competitors, many of which have only a single CCIE on staff and some with less than a year since they have passed themselves.

Our program is also the first to be Endorsed and Authorized by Cisco and the only program in the market with a "Guarantee to Pass".


The CWNE Academy program is designed to take the student from ground-level wireless networking professional, and provide the instruction and guidance to enable to student to call themselves a wireless networking “Expert” by the end of the program!

The CWNE program consists of the entire CWNP portfolio along with additional mentoring and support.

Whether the program is sought to increase knowledge, provide the student with better job security, or to be used as a springboard to change employers or careers, NC-Expert's CWNE Academy will help the student along their road to obtaining some of the necessary certifications to help achieve that goal.

Contact us to create a custom training plan to get from where you are today to the CWNE Certification. Our Exclusive Workshop will help you all the way through the application process including publishing, endorsements and assistance in writing your required essays.

We care about the success of our customers and Making Experts is what we do!

CCIE Wireless Version 3.1

The NC-Expert program is the most unique and comprehensive CCIE Wireless V3.1 program on the market. Multiple CCIE Wireless Experts have contributed to our program. Including NC-Expert Engineers and others is our wider Global Community. These Experts include some that have achieved 6+ separate CCIE Certifications, Cisco Wireless Engineers employed at Cisco and other CCIE Wireless Engineers employed at many major corporations around the world.

We are not like the others, we don't simply give you a lab workbook, rent you rack time and wish you luck.

Our program is based on establishing a relationship and mentoring our customers through the process. We give you honest feedback and coaching about when you will be ready and if we tell you to go for it we will stand behind you, if you don't pass we will pay for your next attempt!

We begin by assessing where you are, what your goals are and the amount of time you have to dedicate to the process. We then suggest a Training Track which you will see below. Our program consists of:

  • CIEWL1- CCIE Wireless V3.1 Expert Workshop 1 ***NC-Expert Exclusive Course***
  • CIEWL2- CCIE Wireless V3.1 Expert Workshop 2 ***NC-Expert Exclusive Course***
  • Tech Webinars on Advanced Cisco Wireless Topics
  • Group Mentoring
  • Personal Coaching and Assessments- We tell you when you're ready and back it up with our Guarantee to Pass
  • Personal Endorsement and Recommendation from our CEO for all that have successfully achieved the CCIE Wireless through our program. Becoming an Expert is just the beginning not the end and we want to help propel your career further.

(CWNE) Certified Wireless Networking Expert

The CWNE Academy program is designed to take the student from ground-level wireless networking professional, and provide the instruction and guidance to enable to student to call themselves a wireless networking “Expert” by the end of the program!

The Certified Wireless Network Expert (CWNE) designation is the final step in the CWNP Program. By successfully completing the CWNE requirements, you will have demonstrated that you have the most advanced skills available in today's enterprise Wi-Fi market.

The CWNE certification assures that you have mastered all relevant skills to administer, install, configure, troubleshoot, and design wireless network systems. In addition, aspiring CWNE candidates will need to demonstrate deep understanding of protocol analysis, intrusion detection and prevention, performance and QoS analysis, spectrum analysis and management and advanced design.

Candidates interested in applying to become a CWNE have often spent years training and working in the wireless industry have made a significant accomplishments and contributions to the field. The intent of CWNE designation is to certify their advanced level of expertise.

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NC-Expert Self Study Program

These webinars are NOT structured to be copies of the vendor programs, they are instead our Experts discussing the topics.

The webinars cover a topic and progress you from understanding what the technology is, how and why it was intended to be used, common deployments and then we take you to the expert level covering the lesser known configurations that are often expected of CCIE engineers.

The webinars are offered "after work hours" to enable you to get your training on your own time

If you can't attend one then catch it the next time around! We spend the right amount of time on all areas making sure you have a good grasp of the topic whether your starting from scratch or filling in gaps for your CCIE studies.

The Self Study Series was not designed to be a short cut to certification however, the series covers the majority of the core topics included in the following certifications:

  • Comptia Mobility +
  • Cisco CCNA Wireless (WiFund)
  • Cisco CCIE Wireless Written and Lab Theory

Core Wireless:

  • 802.11
  • RF Propagation
  • Defining Layer 1 in WLAN Environments
  • Conducting Site Surveys
  • Wireless Tools, Packet Capture & WireShark
  • AP Placement, Channels and SSID

Enterprise Wireless:

  • Design & Deploy a Data Capable Network
  • Controller Based Wireless Design and Architecture
  • FlexConnect and Office Extend (OEAP) - Design & Deployment
  • Converged Access, HA/SSO and PoE
  • L2 Roaming
  • L3 Roaming
  • FlexConnect and Office Extend (OEAP) -Roaming & Converged Access
  • Guest Access - LWA
  • Guest Access - CWA


  • Wireless Interference
  • 802.11r, MFP/PMF and Rogues
  • Security - Encryption and Certificates
  • Security - Authentication
  • ISE 1.3 & 2.0 for Wireless -Profiling
  • ISE 1.3 & 2.0 for Wireless -Policy

Voice/Video & Location Based Network:

  • Design & Deploy a Video and Voice Capable Network
  • Wireless QoS
  • Wired QoS - Converged Access
  • Design & Deploy a Location Capable Network
  • RX SOP

Outdoor - Mesh - High Density:

  • Outdoor-Understanding The Differences From Indoor
  • Mesh
  • Deploying Mesh Networks Indoor vs Outdoor Environments
  • High Density - Understanding The Impact to the WiFi Environment
  • High Density - Design, Deploy and Integrate High Density Areas in Your Enterprise

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