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NC-Expert is a Global IT Industry Training and Consulting Company Focused On The Enterprise

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  • IT Industry Technical Certification Training
  • Customized Training
  • Network Design & Validation
  • Wireless Site Surveys & RF Design
  • Network/Wireless Troubleshooting
  • Consulting in all aspects of Network Design & Management
  • Experts in Cross-Architecture Multi-Vendor Solutions

Why you should choose NC-Expert for your training needs...

Would it be fair to say that the best people to teach classes would be those who wrote them?

Well, for many courses, that is exactly why you should enroll with NC-Expert!

Not only has our team been training IT professionals for over 20 years, but we have also been a key partner, contributor, or author of many of the courses you may be taking during your career advancement.

So, now you know! Are you ready to get started?


CertNexus Courses

CertNexus' leading IT certification programs help set industry standards, foster skills development and generate knowledge and insight every day, building the foundation for technology’s future

Cisco Courses

Cisco is a world-leading network hardware, software, and training company offering industry-recognized and respected IT certifications in multiple fields.

CompTIA Courses

CompTIA is well-established in the industry and has been providing recognized vendor-neutral IT certifications for over twenty years.

CWNP Courses

Founded in 1999, CWNP focuses solely on vendor neutral, industry-recognized certifications. It is a key player in promoting knowledge standardization within the Wireless industry.

EC-Council Courses

EC-Council is a world-leader in computer security certifications and has Accredited Training Centers worldwide.

NC-Expert also provides custom courseware...

We have years of experience in creating custom courseware

We have a highly experienced team of content developers who are very familiar with the best practices of creating understandable, high quality training courses and programs - that make sense to the learners!

We regularly create custom courseware for our clients. Whether it be to update their team on a specific technology, or for general knowledge transfer, we create the exact training program our clients need to keep their IT engineers at the leading edge!

As our client, we will work with you to preserve your resources as much as we can. If you already have an existing training program, we will work with you to reuse as much as possible - so your resources are not wasted - and update it where feasible... or, if you do not have a current program, we will work with you to create something completely new and customized.

Contact us today, to see what we can do for YOU!

NCE Instructor-Led IT Training

"With the knowledge I gained from NC-Expert training, I scored highly on my exam. The information I learned will be very useful in helping design and support the wireless networks used by my customers. I will be back for my next class!"

Jeff T

"Without doubt, this class has been an excellent use of my time!"

"This was one of the best trainings I have taken.
I like the way the course was structured and how engaging the labs were."

Paul P

"I took an online course. It was as effective as being in the classroom.
Outstanding class!" 

"It was great! The instructor was really knowledgeable and professional."

Tri D

"I wouldn't trust anyone else to train me!"