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Cisco Training

For more than 30 years, Cisco has systematically and passionately invested in customer relationships and developed a reputation for quality


It has become the number 1 technology retailer in most areas of technology on a global scale. It is considered, as a company to be intuitive and inventive. Three traits have the biggest impact on establishing the reputation that Cisco has attained: high quality products and services, honest business practices, and company ethics.

cisco learning partner

NC-Expert is an official Authorized Learning Partner

In order to maintain this status, our instructors (and the class presentations they provide) must be regularly monitored for accuracy and quality. Because of this status, and the reputation that is intertwined with it, our instructors are able to access the most cutting-edge official materials available.

To see the list of Cisco-authorized Learning Partners, visit Cisco's official Partners page.

The benefits to our students are that:

  • quality is assured
  • students get the most up-to-date training
  • students can rest assured that the material is accurate
  • students have the best chance of success in exams following official training

Cisco offers certifications at a number of levels:

  • Entry Level or CCENT
  • Associate Level or CCNA
  • Professional Level or CCNP
  • Expert Level or CCIE

NC-Expert offers the following Cisco training
(click each class acronym to access its Course Information page)

CCNARouting & SwitchingICND2
CCNPRoute & SwitchingROUTE
CCNPRoute & SwitchingSWITCH
CCNPRoute & SwitchingTSHOOT
CCNPWirelessCCNP Wireless Bootcamp 1
CCNPWirelessCCNP Wireless Bootcamp 2
CCIERouting & SwitchingCIERS1
CCIERouting & SwitchingCIERS2
CCIEAll TracksCCIE Materials and Mentoring Packages

If you do not see the track you are looking for, or are not sure which track is best for you, Contact Us for more information.

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