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Course Enrollment and Fee Payment

Course Enrollment and Fee Payment


We provide IT certification training to professional engineers. We also provide training for corporate IT teams on a B2B basis.

Payment is usually made for corporate employees/engineers directly to NC-Expert, by their employer. Employers can also reimburse their employees for paying class fees out-of-pocket.

Students may register for courses online or by phone:
- Online: Complete the initial Enrollment Request form using the "Enroll Now" button below and submit.
A member of our Customer Support team will call you to discuss class dates and pricing, along with any current discount promotions.
After the call, you will be sent an invoice for your required class, and payment details will be requested.
- Telephone Enrollment: call our representatives at +1-855-941-2121

Full payment must be received at least 10 business days prior to class start date. Acceptance on a course after this time is at the sole discretion of NC-Expert.

Class enrollment is accepted on a first-pay first-serve basis. A seat may be temporarily reserved using an electronically-submitted corporate Purchase Order document; however NC-Expert cannot guarantee any seat(s) until full payment has been received and a confirmation email has been issued by NC-Expert.

Students who have not paid in full will not be admitted to the class. The only exception to this policy is if alternate arrangements have been previously agreed between student's employer and NC-Expert.

Students enrolling in a Program have a limited time period in which to sit the classes in their program (also please see the Rescheduling and Cancellation section on this page):
Program Attendance Requirements:
- CWNP programs: students have up to 9 months to sit all the classes in their program
- CCIE candidates have up to 18 months to sit the classes/workshops and complete the practice labs in their program

Download our Course Catalog*
*Information on this page supersedes published Course Catalog. Please see tabs on this page for updates to Course Catalog Terms and Conditions

Questions? Submit an email to our representatives at


The registration fee covers course instruction, course materials where stated, and any additional items as described on this website.

All other fees and costs including student travel (incl. airfare, parking costs, etc), student accommodation, student meals, any international class materials shipping charges (for virtual class attendees), and exams are not included in the course registration fee.

Institutional Charges and Fees (for general guidance only):
(1) Tuition fee, individual class: USD$2,495.00
(2) Registration fee (non-refundable): USD$0.00
(3) Equipment: USD$0.00*
*Equipment Cisco CCIE Wireless only (optional, with "buy-back" option): USD$3,500.00
(4) Lab supplies or kits: included in tuition fee
(5) Textbooks and/or other learning media: included in tuition fee
(6) Uniforms of other special protective clothing: not required
(7) In-resident housing: not applicable, not available
(8) Tutoring/Mentoring (Cisco CCIE programs only - 6-months access): USD$2,495.00
(9) Assessment fees for transfer of credits: n/a
(10) Fees to transfer credits: n/a
(11) Other charges or fees: USD$0.00

Accepted Methods of Payment

NC-Expert accepts the following methods of payment:
- Visa
- MasterCard
- American Express
- Discover
- Diner’s Club
- Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs)
- CWNP Training Vouchers
- Company Purchase Order + associated ACH / Wire Transfer / Corporate Check
- Cashier's Check

Students located outside of the US must pay by credit card. Payment is accepted only in US Dollars.

Student payments are to be received at least 10 days before the start date of class. Students unable to provide payment 10 days before the start date of class may be given a tentative seat in the class but risk losing their seat in the course if another student pays in full for the tentatively reserved seat.

Checks drawn on a US bank will be accepted no less than 15 days prior to class start. We recommend that any payments being made less than 15 days prior to class start should be made using credit card or other guaranteed form of payment. If a check is not honored, the student is responsible to pay an NSF (returned check) fee of $50 along with any penalties for late cancellation of class attendance.

Payment using Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs): student must submit Sales Order (SO) number of CLC purchase; expiration date of CLCs, and “Team Captain” name at least 10 days prior to class start. If CLCs are found to be invalid for any reason (SO number not valid, CLCs expired, etc.), Student agrees to be responsible for full payment of class price to NC-Expert.

Purchase Order Payment

Purchase Orders may be accepted by NC-Expert as guarantee, by a student's employer, of payment for training services. NC-Expert will provide agreed training services based on a "good faith" acceptance of the Purchase Order.

Where agreed, payment of invoices based on purchase orders should be made no later than 30 days from the last day of class.

Invoices, based on purchase orders, may be paid by credit card, corporate check, or by wire transfer, no later than 30 days from the last day of class or they may be subject to a "late payment" fee of up to 10% of the Invoice's value.

The student is ultimately responsible for ensuring their company pays NC-Expert's invoice, pursuant to the Purchase Order. If corporate payment is not made for any reason, the student may be held liable.

Please note that checks are made payable to NetCertExpert, Inc.. Credit Card payments may show "NetCertExpert, Inc." in the vendor field. (Please see our "Naming" section, on this page, for clarification.)

Student Loans

NC-Expert does not provide financial aid or loans to students, in any form or fashion, nor does it participate in Federal and State financial aid programs.
If a student independently obtains a loan to pay for an educational program, the student is responsible to pay the full amount of the loan, plus any agreed interest, less the amount of any refund (if student cancels attendance) and, if the student receives Federal student financial aid funds, the student would be entitled to a refund of the monies not paid from Federal financial aid funds. [CEC §94911(f)]

if the student defaults on any federal or state loan, both of the following may occur:
1) The federal or state government or a loan guarantee agency may take action against the student, including applying any income tax refund to which the person is entitled to reduce the balance owed on the loan
2) The student may not be eligible for any other federal student financial aid at another institution or other government financial assistance until the loan is repaid. [CEC §94911(g)(1)(2)]

Important Notice about CWNP Certifications

Important Notice about CWNP Certifications

Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) is CWNP's stated pre-requisite certification for its professional-level certification suite.


CWNP permits attendance in any of the professional-level classes (CWSP, CWDP, and/or CWAP), prior to CWNA, although it is highly recommended that the candidate consider attending CWNA first.

CWNA provides a strong foundation of knowledge upon which to build understanding of the professional-level course material.

CWNP also permits the candidate to sit any of the professional-level exams (CWSP, CWDP, and/or CWAP) prior to sitting the CWNA exam. HOWEVER, even if a candidate is successful in any of the professional-level exams, CWNP will not immediately award the professional-level designation(s). CWNP will retain any professional-level certification, until the CWNA exam is passed. Once successful in CWNA, CWNP will automatically provide the candidate with their CWNA certification along with any previously earned CWSP, CWDP, and/or CWAP certification(s).

In simple terms, CWNP permits attendance in higher-level classes, and sitting of higher-level exams, BUT requires that the CWNA exam is passed before it will award any of the professional-level certifications.

Discounts and Promotional Offers (incl Resits)

Discounts and Promotional Offers (incl Resits)

Discount Policy

Any and all discounts or reduced price classes are offered for "cash" purchases only. "Cash" purchases include payment by credit card, bank wire transfer, and/or cashier’s check.
Discounts cannot be applied when using vouchers as form of payment. Vouchers will be applied against the standard list price of the class only.

Applying multiple discounts to any one class is not permitted. Where multiple avenues of discounts are accessible to a student, only one discount may be applied to the applicable class. By requesting the application of a specific discount, or accepting a discounted price offer, student agrees that all other alternate discounts are forfeit.

For courses, where a promotional discount applies, the student must meet the following conditions at the time of registration as well as any other terms and conditions listed on this website in conjunction with the discount/promotional offer program:
- Payment in full must be received prior to attending the class to receive promotional discount
- For "Multi-class" discount, all enrollment fees must be paid at time of enrollment for first class in order to qualify for the discount. If student cancels enrollment in subsequent class(es), then the discount rate is forfeit and any refund will be less the standard list price for attended class(es). Multi-class discounts cannot be retroactively applied
- Discounts for students utilizing company Purchase Orders are offered at the discretion of NC-Expert
- Discounts do not apply to Partner-delivered classes

Promotional Offers (incl Resits)

Promotional offers may occasionally be available with specified purchases. The terms and conditions of any promotional offer are set out in the promotional material for such offer, which may vary from our standard terms and conditions. Please ask our Customer Service team for details if you have questions about any promotion.

Example Promotional Offers:

The "Unlimited Free Resits" offer applies to classes in the same version of the class. NC-Expert's "free unlimited resit" offer expires upon release of the next version of the class.
Unlimited free resits are offered with the following caveats:
- Students may resit the same version of a previously-attended class as many times as they like
- Resits are "virtual attendance only" regardless of student’s previous method of attendance
- No additional or updated materials will be provided to the student resitting the class. Student will be required to reuse the materials provided for their original attendance of the class
- No lab access will be provided to resitting students
- Resits are offered according to availability: if the class is being offered and there are available virtual spaces in the class, resits will be permitted
- The "free unlimited resit" policy does not apply to any CCIE-level course. (A nominal fee must be paid to permit a candidate to re-sit a CCIE class/workshop.)

Pre-purchased Class Vouchers

Attendance in any class(es) purchased using the Pre-purchased Class Voucher (PCV) scheme must be commenced within 12 months of voucher purchase date.

Student may select a class start date at time of voucher purchase, or defer selection until they know their schedule. The selected class must start within 12 months of date of voucher purchase.

If class date selection is delayed – upon enrolling, the student must quote the unique Voucher ID number, which can be applied only once to the purchased class.

Voucher is not valid for use against any other class type (i.e., a CWNA class voucher cannot be used against a CWAP class, etc.).

Note: Voucher expires 12 months from purchase date. Payment is forfeited and no refunds will be given.

Delivery Venues and Platforms

In-Person Class Locations and Virtual Class Platforms

In person classes will be delivered at: NC-Expert Training Center:
5113 Johnson Drive,
Pleasanton, California 94588

Virtual classes are delivered live and in real-time and will use one of the following two platforms:
- Cisco WebEx or
- Citrix GoToTraining

Note 1: agreements will be valid for single class date(s) only
Note 2: student may reschedule, withdraw/postpone, or cancel and submit a refund request, by emailing and calling NC-Expert at +1-855-941-2121

Classes generally run 9:00AM-5:00PM (Pacific), Monday through Friday, unless otherwise stated

Virtual Class Enrollment

Virtual Class Enrollment

Student confirms that they satisfy the appropriate technical requirements for access to their selected class and its related materials.

Student understands and agrees that all virtual classes are delivered live and in real time, and based on Pacific time, unless otherwise stated.

Student further understands and agrees that all virtual classes will be delivered in the English language unless otherwise stated. Translation services (available upon advance request) can be provided to the student for an additional fee.

Virtual Class Materials and Shipping

Student understands and agrees that no Virtual/Live online hardcopy class materials (where applicable) will be shipped to student, or access provided, until full payment for instruction (and shipping/handling where applicable) has been received by NC-Expert and confirmation email has been issued.

For Virtual students, we strongly recommend that enrollment is completed (including fee payment) no less than 30 business days prior to class start date.

If student’s delay in payment causes a delay in shipping and, by extension, student’s receipt of the Virtual/Live online class materials, or if materials are detained or delayed by customs officials for inspection, student agrees that NC-Expert will be held blameless.

Students located outside the contiguous United States may be charged a class materials Handling and Shipping Fee for physical materials, of up to $250.00(US) to cover incurred costs of handling and international shipping. Handling and Shipping fee will be charged and invoiced in advance, in addition to course fees.

Due to mailing logistics (shipping times, customs delays, etc.), class materials sent outside the contiguous United States** may be delayed and may not arrive in time for the commencement of the virtual class.

This situation arises more so where orders for class attendance are placed in close time proximity to the virtual class scheduled start date. If materials do not arrive with the student in time for the virtual class scheduled start date, it is considered and agreed to be due to no fault of NC-Expert and the student agrees to not hold NC-Expert liable for any delay in receipt of class materials. It is suggested that the student still attend the virtual class as planned, and the student will then be allowed to resit the same virtual class at a future agreed time as a ‘repeat student’ if they so wish. This resit is subject to our re-attendance policy.

Although every effort will be made to provide students with the most recent edition of class materials Student is aware, accepts, and agrees that for a period of up to nine months following a course update NC-Expert is bound by company policy to exercise its FIFO procedure in order to keep costs and class fees down. Previous edition materials will be shipped to students, in order of enrollment, until company’s previous edition materials stock is exhausted.

For Cisco Students attending Virtual / Live Online classes: Please note that NC-Expert policy is that all students attending Virtual / Live Online classes will be provided with course materials in electronic format only. Hardcopy materials will *not* be provided. If Student requires hardcopy class materials, a request must be made in writing, and additional fee(s) will be incurred. Requested hardcopy materials will not be shipped to student until course fee plus any/all additional fee(s) have been paid.

For CWNP Virtual / Live Online classes: Please note that, at the time of writing this page, CWNP does not produce its official class materials (Study Guide, etc.) in electronic format. NC-Expert is contractually bound to provide its students with the official CWNP hardcopy materials which must be physically mailed to Virtual/Live Online class attendees.

**or within the United States, if enrollment is completed within two weeks of class start date.

Reschedule of Virtual Class Attendance

If a Student elects to attend class remotely/virtually, NC-Expert will mail hardcopy CWNP (or requested Cisco) class materials to the Student.

If, after shipping any materials, the Student is unable to attend the class, the Student may retain the materials and reschedule the class date. (Alternatively, the Student may choose to return the materials to NC-Expert, pursuant to the next paragraph.) However, the class must be rescheduled to an available class date within 6 months of the original class start date.

If the Student decides to retain the shipped Student Materials, please note the following. In cases where:

  • the Student Materials are misplaced/lost by the Student,
  • prior to the class reschedule date the Student Materials are declared “retired” by the provider, and/or
  • prior to the class reschedule date the Student Materials are updated by the provider

...NC-Expert will not be responsible for replacing the Student’s Materials (and/or Lab Access, if applicable).

An exception to this is in the case where the Student returns the materials to NC-Expert, in their original packaging, using tracked mailing, and the package is postmarked prior to the start date of the student’s original scheduled class (see previous paragraph).

Student is solely responsible for rescheduling their class attendance within the permitted period (6 months). NC-Expert’s public schedule of classes is available on its website.

Virtual / Live Online Class Attendance

Virtual / Live Online Class Attendance

We highly recommend in-person training, but understand that this may not always be an ideal solution for every situation.

In response to requests from a number of our clients with regard to the rising costs of employee travel and hotel accommodation, NC-Expert has implemented an alternate option for delivery which will enable employees to remain in their home/office location… saving TIME and MONEY!

Our “Virtual/Live Online” format is an instructor-led, real-time, interactive training solution which replaces the need for the candidate to sit in a classroom face-to-face with the instructor… but reaps the benefits of live instruction!

Our “Virtual/Live Online” delivery format is also known as “Remote Access”. This enables students to interact with the instructor as if they were in the classroom, but without the need for lengthy travel and absence from home.


This format will save our customers money and, above all, their valuable time! Now there is no need to fly/drive or spend time and money in a hotel… AND we still offer great prices!!!

Many people have not previously attended Live Online or “Virtual” classes.

Here are some answers to questions we are typically asked…

What is a “Virtual” class?

A Virtual Class is a real-time event, hence it is also referred to as “Live Online” or “Remote Access” attendance. The only real difference between attending in-person and attending virtually is that you are accessing the classroom from a different location and are not physically in the room with the instructor and other students.

Virtual Classes are not pre-recorded classes, nor are they recorded for later playback. You will not be able to access any recordings of the class. Our virtual classes are all delivered live, in real-time.

If attending a Virtual Class you would:

1. Log in to the WebEx session from your computing device at the start of the class day. The log-in time will be posted by the instructor. (As a heads up, our classes usually begin at 9:00AM Pacific, unless otherwise stated.)

2. Interact in real-time with the instructor and other students – as if you were in the room with them. You would see and hear the class presentation from the instructor, watch demonstrations, you might interact in a lab environment, and verbally respond to questions from the instructor.

3. Log out of the session at the end of the class day.

4. Repeat this process for each day of class.

Attendance in a Virtual Class will require your full attention – almost as if you were on-site at our facility. You will not benefit fully if your attention is distracted with work or other demands.

NC-Expert often provides “blended classes” in which some students are in the classroom with the instructor, and other students attend virtually/remotely. Contact us for details of these classes.

Class timing: what is it?

NC-Expert’s virtual classes are hosted at our main training facility in Pleasanton, California, USA (near San Francisco).

A standard class day is 9:00AM to 5:00PM (Pacific time).

Our “Virtual” (remote access) classes run in Pacific time, unless otherwise stated.

USA east coast, and international students will not necessarily be listening to lectures until midnight! For select classes we have a lecture component and then a lab component for each day’s training (this includes most of the CWNP portfolio and some Cisco classes). Virtual students who attend these specific classes may be invited to do labs the following morning while awaiting the start of lectures.

As an example (this does not apply to all classes, but is for general guideline purposes only):
Day 1
9:00AM (Pacific) Class/Lecture session start
-Lunch break- (instructor will advise regarding specific timing)
2:00PM (Pacific) Class/Lecture session concludes
2:00PM (Pacific) Practice Lab session start
5:00PM (Pacific) Practice Lab session concludes

As you can see, the Practice Lab portion of the class extends for the final 3 hours of the class day.


East coast USA students, for whom Day 2 Lectures do not start until 12:00pm (Eastern) (see time zone comparison below) are welcome to perform the Day 1 Lab session assignments during their Day 2 morning (9am-12pm Eastern) while waiting for Day 2 Lectures to begin.

Make sure you take note of Time Zones!

Don’t forget the time zone equivalencies… examples below:

  • 6:00AM Hawaii (UTC-11 hours)
  • 8:00AM Alaska (UTC-9 hours)
  • 9:00AM Pacific (UTC-8 hours)
  • 10:00AM Mountain (note: Arizona does not observe Daylight Saving Time except in the Navajo Indian Nation)
  • 11:00AM Central
  • 12:00PM Eastern (UTC-5 hours)
  • 5:00PM London, UK (UTC+0 hour)
  • 6:00PM Paris, France (UTC+1 hours)
  • 8:00PM Dubai, UAE (UTC+3 hours)

What Technology do I need to attend a Virtual class?

You will need the following components:

1. A computing device (desktop, laptop, or appropriately enabled iPad or similar device)

2. Sound device(s)

~ speakers on the computing device – so you can hear what is being said

~ a microphone or other voice-transmitting device – so you can communicate verbally

~ or a phone* – to accomplish both the above tasks

3. Internet connection

4. WebEx enablement

NC-Expert regularly uses Cisco WebEx as the delivery platform for its web-based classes, webinars, group mentoring sessions, and meetings. We think this a high-quality product which is an ideal communications solution for the training environment owing to its abundance of features which enhance the students’ experience.

*Please note – while we recommend that our students use VoIP on their computer, Internet connection speeds and performance will vary region by region and by time of day. If the student elects to use their telephone for communication, calls will be made to NC-Expert’s conferencing utility at student’s own expense.

I have been confirmed as enrolled in the class. What happens next?

We use either Citrix GoTo Training or Cisco WebEx as our virtual attendance delivery platforms.

Once you are enrolled in a class and have selected Virtual attendance, you will receive an emailed invitation from us which will contain step-by-step instructions for connection and logging in.

The invitation email may contain access to download plug-ins which will enable WebEx or GoToTraining to run successfully on your device.

The invitation email may also provide the facility to test the compatibility of your system with our virtual platform. Any tests will be very simple and should only take a minute or two. (Please ensure that any tests are initiated and passed prior to class start.)

Please note: you do not need a Cisco account for WebEx attendance in our classes.

If you have any problems, contact us!

General Information

Please advise us of your attendance method upon enrollment. If no preference is made known, the “In-person” option will be assumed by default.

In order to be fair to all our students, in various time zones, please be aware that our “Virtual/Live online” classes commence each day at 9:00AM and conclude at approximately 5:00PM (Pacific time), and will be provided in English language only.

As with the “In-person” option, “Virtual/Live online” candidates are required to attend all hours of each regular full-day class session to receive class credit.

Meeting Etiquette

Suggestion: put your microphone device on “mute” until you need to speak – or else everyone is going to hear you eating that bag of chips!

Traditional Classes

For those candidates who prefer face-to-face interaction, rest assured that NC-Expert will continue to provide the option for in-person classroom training.




Virtual/Live-online Classes – Cisco Class Materials Access

Please note that Cisco has a revised method of accessing class materials for its virtual classes

(Virtually-attended Cisco classes may require “eKits” or “Digital Kits”)

Students wishing to enroll in a Virtual/Live-online Cisco class must be aware of the following information, and be able to satisfy the following requirements…


System Requirements:

System requirements to run the eReader:

  • Internet Connection
  • Memory Requirement: 4 GB of RAM
  • Windows XP SP3, Windows 7, Windows 8… Browsers: Firefox 19+, Chrome 18+
  • Mac OS X 10.6.8+, 10.7.x, 10.8.x… Browsers: Firefox 19+, Chrome 18+, Safari 5.1.7+
  • Note: Internet Explorer will be supported soon



Credentials: CCO ID (New CCO IDs can be created at



Cisco digital kits are intended for online access, so printing is limited

10 pages to be printed

Offline Reader:

The ability to download the content and access it offline is currently not available
Cisco is developing eReaders for offline content viewing, to be released in the near future


Additional Information:

Please review the material on the training website at

Please ensure that the student can satisfy the above technical requirements prior to enrolling in any NC-Expert Virtual/Live-online Cisco class.

NC-Expert will accept no responsibility for student’s inability to access virtual class materials due to above technical requirements not being met.

Logistics and Travel

Logistics and Travel


Our Head Office and main Training Center is located at:

5113 Johnson Drive
Pleasanton, CA 94588

NC-Expert's additional Training Center is located at:

4695 Chabot Drive, Suite 200
Pleasanton, CA 94588

Upon enrollment confirmation, students will be notified regarding which Training Center to attend.

NC-Expert Location

NC-Expert is to be found in Pleasanton, California, and is centrally located for the San Francisco Bay Area and the Central Valley.

Not only is it a great place to study, but is also a great place to spend a few extra days, if your schedule permits.

Pleasanton California boasts great restaurants and shopping. Pleasanton’s High Street reflects days gone by with privately owned stores and very welcoming and friendly staff.

Each week on Saturday morning, a busy Farmer’s Market can be found adjacent to the High Street.

There are many hiking trails and State Parks in the vicinity. The more adventurous can take the trip up to the summit of Mount Diablo which affords panoramic views of the entire area and all the way to “the city” (San Francisco).

Livermore which is only 10 minutes away from our Pleasanton office, provides ample opportunities for tasting the local area wines at the numerous wineries.

Pleasanton, really lives up to its name in the amenities it offers, the surrounding countryside, and great year-round weather. Come and see for yourself!

Important: Travel Notice - In-person Attendees

We strongly recommend that you do NOT make travel plans earlier than two (2) weeks prior to class start.

Final confirmation of class viability will be made two (2) weeks prior to the class/workshop start date. If you do not receive an emailed reminder of attendance - which is your official final confirmation that the class will be going ahead, as planned - please contact our sales team at 1(855)941-2121 for verbal confirmation.

NC-Expert reserves the right to reschedule, or cancel, the class/workshop up-to-and-including 14 days prior to the scheduled start date and shall not be held responsible or liable for any student/candidate travel plans that were made prior to NC-Expert's final confirmation.

If students/candidates make travel plans prior to two (2) weeks before class start, they do so at their own financial risk. NC-Expert will not be held responsible for classes rescheduled, or canceled, prior to two (2) weeks before the scheduled class date.

Local Airports

Our closest airports are: 1 Oakland, 2 San Jose, 3 San Francisco

[1] Oakland (OAK) airport to NetCertExpert office (about 30 minutes):

  • Head southeast on Airport Drive
  • Continue onto 98th Avenue
  • Merge onto I-880 S via the ramp to San Jose
  • Take exit 31 for I-238 toward I-580 / Stockton / Fresno
  • Follow signs for I-238 / I-880 / Castro Valley / Stockton / Fresno and merge onto I-238 S
  • Merge onto I-580 E
  • Take exit 45 for Hopyard Road
  • Turn right onto Hopyard Road
  • Turn right onto Owens Drive (1st right)
  • Turn left onto Johnson Drive (1st left)
  • Destination is on left

[2] San Jose (SJC) airport to NetCertExpert office (about 40 minutes):

  • Head southeast on Terminal Drive
  • Continue onto Airport Blvd
  • Slight left to stay on Airport Blvd
  • Slight right to stay on Airport Blvd
  • Slight right toward Skyport Drive
  • Continue straight onto Skyport Drive
  • Turn right onto N 1st Street
  • Turn right to merge onto I-880 N toward Oakland
  • Take exit 12A to merge onto Mission Blvd toward Sacramento / I-680
  • Merge onto I-680 N via the ramp to Sacramento
  • Take exit 29 for Stoneridge Drive
  • Turn right onto Stoneridge Drive
  • Turn left on Franklin Drive (2nd left)
  • Turn right onto Johnson Drive
  • Destination is on right

[3] San Francisco (SFO) airport to NetCertExpert office (about 50 minutes):

  • Take ramp onto US-101 S
  • Take exit 414B for Fashion Island Blvd toward Hayward
  • Follow signs for CA-92 E / Hayward and merge onto CA-92 E
  • Cross San Mateo bridge
  • Take exit 26B for Interstate 880 N toward Oakland
  • Merge onto I-880 N / Interstate 880
  • Take exit 31A to merge onto I-238 S toward Castro Valley / Stockton / I-580
  • Merge onto I-580 E
  • Take exit 45 for Hopyard Road
  • Turn right onto Hopyard Road
  • Turn right onto Owens Drive (1st right)
  • Turn left onto Johnson Drive (1st left)
  • Destination is on left

Ground Transportation


San Francisco Bay Area boasts a dedicated high-speed train/transit system. It is called Bay Area Rapid Transit but is more affectionately known by its acronym: “BART”.

There is a conveniently located BART station (“Dublin/Pleasanton”) – approximately 5 minutes walk from our Training Center.

Oakland and San Francisco airports provide shuttles to their respective local BART stations. BART does not yet serve San Jose airport.


There are a number of Cab companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

A selection follows:
A1 American Shuttle– Ph: (925) 339-6756
Checker Cab – Ph: (925) 400-0000


If you prefer to rent a vehicle, again, there are numerous options, among which are:

Avis Car Rental
Budget Car Rental
Enterprise Car Rental

Please note that the options offered above are in no way recommended services, nor are these comprehensive lists – they are intended for illustration purposes only.


We do not have an hotel discount agreement with any specific chain as we have found that our students are tied to various agreements through their own employers.

We are fortunate in that the hotels in the vicinity extend across the spectrum of pricing and can fit every budget.

Alphabetical listing:

Best Western Plus Pleasanton Inn
5375 Owens Court, Pleasanton, CA 94588
Ph: (925) 463-1300

Courtyard Pleasanton
5059 Hopyard Road, Pleasanton, CA 94588
Ph: (925) 463-1414

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Pleasanton at The Club
7050 Johnson Drive, Pleasanton, CA 94588
Ph: (925) 463-8000

Extended Stay America Pleasanton
4555 Chabot Drive, Pleasanton, CA 94588
Ph: (925) 730-0000

Four Points by Sheraton
5115 Hopyard Road, Pleasanton, CA 94588
Ph: (925) 460-8800

Holiday Inn Dublin-Pleasanton
6680 Regional Street, Dublin, CA 94568
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Travel Services

At this time, NC-Expert does not provide travel services. All students/candidates are responsible for their own flights, ground transportation, hotel accommodation, incidentals, and visas (if necessary).

Course Materials

Course Materials

Final confirmation of class viability will be made approximately two weeks prior to the scheduled class/workshop start date.

If you do not receive an emailed reminder of attendance (which is your official final confirmation that the class will be going ahead, as planned), please contact our sales team at 1(855)941-2121 for verbal confirmation.

For in-person attendees, important information can be found by clicking on the "Logistics and Travel Services" tab on this page.

In-Class Study Materials

We operate using a “Just in Time” (JIT) inventory system. As noted elsewhere on this website, hardcopy student materials will be provided to CWNP students on day 1 of class.

Please understand that we are unable to provide hardcopy class materials to in-class CWNP students prior to their agreed/enrolled in-class date.

Electronic materials will be provided to Cisco students on day 1 of class.

As of mid-2016, all Cisco in-person class materials will be provided in electronic format only. No option for obtaining hardcopy materials will be available after this date.

CCIE Workshop/Study Materials

Per Cisco, the CCIE Program is designed to extend to a maximum of eighteen (18) months. This ensures the candidate’s knowledge is current to existing technologies. This means that the candidate should sit both their Written and Practical Lab exams within 18 months of enrolling in the program.

The Study Materials provided by NetCertExpert in its CCIE Packages are current at the time of issuance and officially sanctioned by Cisco. Access to Study Materials is granted, per Cisco rules, for a maximum of eighteen (18) months only, from enrollment in the program. The candidate is responsible for managing the access to their Study Materials and should take note of issuance and expiration dates.

If, due to candidate’s delay in study or delay in scheduling and/or attending required Workshops, Study Materials access expires, NC-Expert assumes no responsibility and will not issue a refund on any amounts previously paid in cash, cash equivalents, or in Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs).

If Study Materials access is due to expire, the candidate is advised to contact Cisco to request an extension on their Study Materials. Cisco may, or may not, provide this extension. At its discretion, NC-Expert may permit the student to continue attending previously-paid-for-but-not-yet-attended Workshop sessions. If Cisco declines to extend the candidate’s Study Materials, the candidate will need to pay a second time to obtain current Cisco Study Materials and, potentially, to attend NC-Expert Workshops.

Study Materials obtained though purchase of “Workshop Only” sessions will be accessible for the duration of the applicable Workshop (in most cases, 5 days) and are not valid for eighteen (18) month access.

Course / Materials - Refresh, Expiration, and/or Retirement

Course / Materials - Refresh, Expiration, and/or Retirement

Students are responsible to check on and remember their own materials, course, exam voucher, and/or exam expiration dates.

NC-Expert will make every effort to inform students of upcoming refreshes, retirements, and/or expirations, but this should not be relied upon.

Materials Refresh

If a student receives course materials by mail but, knowingly or unknowingly, delays attending class until after a courseware refresh has been issued, NC-Expert will not be held liable to update/replace the materials. In this instance, the student may be required to pay a nominal fee to replace their materials.

In person attendance is not affected by this provision, because materials will be issued on day 1 of class. The same is true of classes which issue electronic materials (i.e. Cisco).

Course Expiration / Retirement

If a student pays for class, but delays attending and, prior to attendance, the course is retired, NC-Expert will not be held liable or responsible to provide any refunds to the student.

If a vendor retires any class, NC-Expert will not be held responsible or liable for any refunds.

Exam Refresh or Retirement

If a student attends class and delays sitting the associated exam, NC-Expert will not be held liable or responsible to:
- provide updated instruction to the student,
- provide replacement exam vouchers, or
- for any refunds.

Free Resit Offer

As is detailed under our "Promotional Offers" tab, our "Unlimited Free Resits" offer applies to resits of classes in the same version as the original class.

NC-Expert's "free unlimited resit" offer expires upon release of the next/updated version of the class.

(CCIE workshop attendance is excluded from the Free Resit offer. Re-attendance will require additional fee payment.)

Exam Testing and NC-Expert Training

Exam Testing and NC-Expert Training

Pearson VUE Proctored Exams

NC-Expert, under its primary name of NetCertExpert, Inc., is an approved PearsonVUE examination proctoring facility or "testing center".

PearsonVUE (CWNP and Cisco's proctor-of-choice) testing centers are located around the world. So, no matter where the student is located, a PearsonVUE testing center should be in convenient proximity.

If you wish to schedule an exam and to sit it at our facility, we recommend you arrange this directly through the PearsonVUE website. Please see PearsonVUE’s website for further information. The PearsonVUE website offers our most updated schedule and availability.

Exams - General

Students often ask "Can we sit the exam at the end of class?" Our recommendation is for the student to not rush in and do this. We recommend that students return home and review their course materials and notes, and email their instructors with any questions. This gives the students the best level of knowledge and best chance of success in certification exams.

Recently, CWNP published results of a survey. The conclusion was drawn that the average time between students sitting a CWNP training class and taking its associated exam was an average of 6-8 weeks. We find that this is an appropriate time interval for all types of certification exams, not just CWNP. For this reason, we recommend that our non-CWNP students consider this same time interval, after attending a training class, before arranging their associated exams.

Obviously, we also do not recommend putting off taking the exam until you have forgotten what you learned in class but, on the other hand, we also do not recommend rushing into the exam before you are properly prepared. Every student is different, so our recommendation is to make sure you "feel" ready, and comfortable with the course material, before sitting any certification exams.

Exam Vouchers - CWNP

Exam vouchers may be provided for select CWNP classes. Please ask an NC-Expert representative for further information.

CWNP exam vouchers are valid for 1 year from class start, so there is no need to rush.

Exam Vouchers - Cisco

Exam vouchers are not included in course fees for Cisco classes.

Cisco exams must be purchased and scheduled, separately/independently, by each student through PearsonVUE's website (see PearsonVUE contact information on this page).

Exam Vouchers - Other

Exam vouchers for non-CWNP/Cisco courses are occasionally included in course fees. Please check with your NC-Expert representative for more information.

NC-Expert Training

Please do not confuse NC-Expert with other training providers.

NC-Expert does NOT provide "crash courses aimed at passing the exam". We do not cheat, nor do we encourage our students to cheat. Our students will NEVER receive a "cheat sheet", or a list of exam answers, from us. If this is what you feel you need to do to pass the exam - please find an alternate training provider.

NC-Expert does things properly. We train you to be a better engineer. We teach you through real-world scenarios. We explain things to you. We help you through hands-on lab practice. We want you to ultimately succeed in your engineering career. To do anything less would be a disservice to you and would devalue the certifications that others have worked so hard to earn.

If your aim is certification exam success - just like when you were in school - we also expect you to study, on your own, after class. We will be here to help and advise you if you get stuck but, ultimately, your success rests with you.

Disclaimer: NC-Expert does not make any guarantees, expressed or implied, regarding exam success.


Rescheduling, Cancellation, and Refund Policy

Rescheduling, Cancellation, and Refund Policy

Please see below for our Rescheduling and Cancellation policies.

Any requests to amend or cancel a registration must be emailed to: or faxed to us at 1(408)689-9692.


Students are permitted one (1) reschedule of their class attendance. Any reschedule requests must be submitted in writing to 16, or more, days prior to class start.

Reschedules will only be agreed for the same version of the class. Students will be required to pay the stated registration fee to attend a new/updated version of the class. No discounts will be applied.

If the same class is not offered in the foreseeable future, an alternative equivalent class may be offered by NC-Expert.

NC-Expert reserves the right to reschedule a class, for any reason, up to 2 weeks prior to its scheduled start date. For this reason, NC-Expert recommends that students adhere to its Travel Policy - see Logistics and Travel tab on this page. NC-Expert will not be held liable for travel arrangements made by in-person students in advance of this time limitation.


No Shows:

Failure to attend a scheduled class without prior notice to NC-Expert will be considered a “no show” and the full price of the course will be charged.


Cancellation - General:

Cancellation Charge Schedule:
> If student cancels class attendance 16, or more, business days prior to class start date, no penalty will be incurred.
> If student cancels class attendance fewer than 16 business days prior to class start date, the student will be charged 100% of their course fees.

Students should register their "request to cancel attendance" by emailing

Note: Rescheduled attendance: if student cancels class attendance after rescheduling, the student will be charged 100% of their course fees or, at NC-Expert's discretion, may be granted limited course credit. No refund will be permitted. (Rescheduling is not a "loophole" for late cancellation!)

Cancellation - Program Enrollment:

If any student enrolls in a program of classes, as with our other classes, the student has a right to cancel their enrollment.

Program-enrolled students have up to one (1) month from date of purchase - or 16 days prior to class start, whichever occurs earlier - to cancel their program enrollment, subject to the restrictions/requirements noted on this page.

Students should register their "request to cancel program enrollment" by emailing

Note: by canceling a program enrollment, the student will forfeit any per-class discount rate and will be charged the standard fee for any already-attended classes and/or materials/labs accessed.

Cancellation - Important Notes:

Materials: all unattended class materials are to be returned immediately. No refunds of any kind will be considered until all class materials, for any unattended classes, have been returned, unopened, in original packaging, using tracked mail (for virtual attendees), and confirmation has been received by NC-Expert, from course vendor (i.e., Cisco) that no lab access or voucher redemption was attempted.

Administration and Shipping Charges: Student may be subject to an administrative charge for cancellation and will be charged for any shipping fees paid by NC-Expert (virtual students). This amount will be deducted from any refund due.

Refund Payment: Any refund payments will be payable 60 days after acknowledgement of initial "cancellation of attendance" email or NC-Expert's receipt of returned materials or NC-Expert's receipt of lab/voucher "non-access" confirmation from course vendor, whichever occurs later, and will be returned to the original payer through the original payment method.

NC-Expert, or one of its Partners, reserves the right to cancel a course for any reason more than two (2) weeks before the start of the class. If NC-Expert, or one of its Partners, cancels a class within two (2) weeks of the scheduled start date due to force majeure (i.e., illness/accident/death of instructor or Act of God/natural disaster), NC-Expert's liability is limited to the amount of the course enrollment fee paid by the student (or their representative). NC-Expert assumes no liability for any non-refundable costs that student may have incurred (example: airfare or hotel) for travel plans made earlier than two weeks prior to class start (see our Logistics and Travel notices tab, on this page).

Cancellation - CCIE Candidates:

Any form of refund (full or partial) can only be considered if:
(a) the time restrictions (noted above) are observed,
(b) no workshop classes have been attended,
(c) no study or course materials, or access credentials, have been issued,
(d) no access has been granted to any additional study materials (document or video libraries) or labs, and/or
(e) no 1:1 mentoring has occurred

CCIE Candidates, please note: access to Video Library series material is made on an "as available" basis, and no content warranty is offered or implied. (This provision supersedes any individual Quotes.) No refunds will be made on quotes specifying proposed video library content. NC-Expert's Video Library will be expanded with additional topics as they become available. No suggestions of completion timeframe are implied or guaranteed.

Electronic Purchases

Electronic Purchases

All electronic product purchases and pre-orders are final, nonrefundable, and nontransferable to any third party unless a prior licensing agreement is documented in writing.

Electronic accounts suspected of being used by any party other than the purchaser or single intended recipient are subject to revocation without prior notice at the complete and sole discretion of NC-Expert. Accounts suspended in this manner will not be eligible for refund or store credit for any used or unused portion of the subscription.

All electronic products are subject to copy-protection schemes, including, but not limited to, passwords, dynamic URLs, and unique and unremovable watermarks.

Any discounts, price modifications, or special deals offered by our Sales team associates, or website, are valid only when purchased directly - through - by the end user, and are not valid through any of NC-Expert’s affiliates, partners, or resellers.

Recording, Copying, Reproducing, or Redistributing Class Content and/or Class Materials

Recording, Copying, Reproducing, or Redistributing Class Content and/or Class Materials

Student is expressly prohibited from recording in whole or in part by means of any recording devices any portions of the class lectures or discussions.

No permission is granted for copying, reproducing, or redistribution of any class discussions, presentations, materials, or any NC-Expert website materials.

If recording or reproduction is required for legitimate purposes written permission for such action(s) must be sought and obtained from a duly authorized officer of NetCertExpert, Inc./NC-Expert

Academic Credit Transfer

Academic Credit Transfer


The transferability of any credits you may earn at NC-Expert is at the complete discretion of the institution to which you may seek to transfer.

Acceptance of any certificates or credentials you may earn from successful examination resulting from your training course/program at NC-Expert is also at the complete discretion of the institution to which you may seek to transfer.

If the certificate(s) or credential(s) that you earn from successful examination through training at this institution are not accepted at the institution to which you seek to transfer, you may be required to repeat some or all of your coursework at that institution. For this reason, you should make certain that your attendance at this institution will meet your educational goals. This may include contacting the institution to which you may seek to transfer after attending NC-Expert, to determine if your certificate(s) and/or credential(s) will transfer.

[CEC §94911(h) and §94909(a)(15)]

Member Account Security

Member Account Security

If any services require you to open an account, you must complete the registration process by providing us with current, complete, and accurate information as prompted by the applicable registration form.

You also will choose a password and a user name. You are entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and account. We recommend that you keep this information in a secure location and do not disseminate it to anyone else.

You are entirely responsible for any and all activities that occur under your account (excluding any breaches of your account that occur within NC-Expert). You agree to notify NC-Expert immediately of any unauthorized use of your account or any other breach of security.

NC-Expert will not be liable for any loss that you may incur as a result of someone else using your password or account, either with or without your knowledge. However, you could be held liable for losses incurred by NC-Expert that result from someone else using your account or password. You may not use anyone else’s account at any time.

Corporate Naming

Corporate Naming

NetCertExpert, Inc. is also "doing business as" (DBA) NC-Expert.

Throughout this site NetCertExpert, Inc., NetCertExpert, and NC-Expert may be used interchangably.

All these iterations refer to the same company.

For contact information, please see bottom of webpage.

Copyright Statement

Copyright Statement

All content, unless otherwise stated, is developed by NetCertExpert, Inc., DBA NC-Expert. All rights reserved. No part of any NC-Expert publication may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of NetCertExpert, Inc., DBA NC-Expert.

Cisco, Cisco Systems, the Cisco logo, and CCIE are registered trademarks of Cisco Systems, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and certain other countries. All other products and company names mentioned in NC-Expert content are the trademarks, registered trademarks, or service marks of their respective owners.

Our authors have used their best efforts to distinguish proprietary trademarks from descriptive names by following the capitalization styles used by the manufacturer.

CWNP, CWTS, CWNA, CWSP, CWDP, CWAP, and CWNE are all registered trademarks of CWNP, LLC.

Linking Policy

Linking Policy

Status of Linking Policy welcomes links to this website [made in accordance with the terms of this linking policy].
[This linking policy is intended to assist you when linking to this website.] OR [By using this website you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this linking policy.]

Links to

Links pointing to should not be misleading.
Appropriate link text should be always be used.
[From time to time we may update the URL structure of our website, and unless we agree in writing otherwise, you are responsible for updating said links.] You must not use our logo to link to this website (or otherwise) without our express written permission.
You must not frame the content of this website or use any similar technology in relation to the content of this website.

Links from this Website

This website includes links to other websites owned and operated by third parties. These links are not endorsements or recommendations. has no control over the contents of third party websites, and accepts no responsibility for them or for any loss or damage that may arise from your use of them.

Removal of Links

You agree that, should we request the deletion of a link to that is within your control, you will delete the link promptly.
If you would like us to remove a link to your website that is included on, please contact us using the contact details below. Note that unless you have a egal right to demand removal, such removal will be at our discretion.]

Changes to this Linking Policy

We may amend this linking policy at any time by publishing a new version on this website.

Contact Us

Should you have any questions about this linking policy, please contact us using the details set out below:


Content Disclaimer

Content Disclaimer

While every effort has been made to ensure that all material in our publications are as complete and accurate as possible, the material is presented on an “as is” basis.

Neither the authors nor NetCertExpert, Inc, DBA NC-Expert, assume any liability or responsibility to any person or entity with respect to loss or damages incurred from the information contained in workbooks or other content.

All content is developed by NetCertExpert, Inc., DBA NC-Expert, unless otherwise stated, and is an original work of the aforementioned authors.

Any similarities between material presented in our content and actual Cisco, or other proprietary, lab material is completely coincidental.

General Terms

General Terms

This Agreement constitutes the complete and fully integrated contract between NC-Expert and Student, and supersedes all previous oral and written agreements and discussions.

This agreement may be changed only by an instrument in writing between NC-Expert and Student. Student has read and understood this agreement and has not entered into this agreement based on reliance on any promises made, verbally, by any of NC-Expert's counselors or agents.

Student agrees to comply with NC-Expert’s rules and procedures including, but not limited to, absences, tardiness, honesty, and proper conduct.

Although NC-Expert will make its best efforts to notify students in the event that any class has been canceled or postponed, it is the student’s responsibility to contact NC-Expert using the phone number provided on the Company website, to confirm his/her attendance in the class at least two business days before the scheduled class start date. NC-Expert is not responsible for student’s travel, lodging, incidental expenses, or other losses or damages incurred if the student does not confirm his/her attendance in the class and the class has been canceled or postponed.

Classes are generally held from 9:00AM to 5:00PM (Pacific). Class times for bootcamps, consolidated classes, combination classes, and back-to-back classes follow NC-Expert’s announced schedule. All course schedules are subject to change in start and completion dates. Any affected students will be notified.

In the event of natural disasters, Acts of God, labor disputes, or equipment failure, NC-Expert reserves the right to postpone training up to a maximum of thirty days. Affected students will be notified.

NC-Expert reserves the right to withdraw a scheduled class up to 3 weeks prior to class start date. Students are advised not to schedule any travel until 3 weeks, or less, prior to class start. Student agrees that NC-Expert will not be held responsible for losses incurred to student if student schedules travel before 3 weeks prior to class start date and the class is subsequently withdrawn.

If meals are provided to the student, NC-Expert does not guarantee the meals will meet the student’s special dietary requirements. Students with special dietary requirements are responsible for providing their own food during the duration of any course or class attended at or through NC-Expert.

Shall any dispute arise as a direct or indirect result of this agreement, both parties agree to settle all disputes through binding arbitration. Furthermore, both parties agree all binding arbitration proceedings shall be administered by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and in accordance with the BBB’s Commercial Rules of Arbitration. All arbitration proceedings shall take place in the San Francisco Bay Area and either party may elect to attend virtually, if virtual presence is accepted and is an available option within the rules. The non-prevailing party shall be responsible for all for the reasonable legal expenses, costs, and/or fees of the prevailing party. This Agreement shall be interpreted and governed under the laws of the State of California.

If this Agreement is assigned to a third party, Student and co-signer, if applicable, will continue to be bound by all the terms and conditions of this Enrollment Agreement. Should this Agreement be assigned, such a third party is independent of NC-Expert. Any NC-Expert-related questions or problems that arise must be settled between student and NC-Expert.

While attending training classes with NC-Expert, Student may come into contact with other NC-Expert students, as well as NC-Expert’s own employees and contractors. Student covenants and agrees that he/she shall not directly or indirectly solicit or facilitate (by communication of any nature) the hiring of any of NC-Expert’s clients, employees, or contractors for a period of one year after Student’s last day of attending training with NC-Expert. Student may engage in, and NC-Expert encourages, the solicitation of work from NC-Expert by communicating such requests directly to NC-Expert’s Management, Sales, or Account Management staff. The parties agree that if student/student’s employer hires or utilizes NC-Expert’s personnel in violation of this paragraph, NC-Expert will have been damaged, but that the amount of damages is difficult to ascertain. Accordingly, the parties agree that if Student/Student’s employer violates this paragraph, Student/Student’s employer will pay NC-Expert (NetCertExpert, Inc.) $75,000.00 as liquidated damages.

  • Student, student’s representative, or potential student agrees that any personal information provided may be used for NC-Expert marketing purposes. NC-Expert will not sell any personal information to any third parties. NC-Expert will use personal information received for its own marketing purposes (emailed newsletters, updates, etc.) only. An “opt-out” email address will be provided on each Newsletter which will enable personal email address to be deleted from the Newsletter database. The Newsletter opt-out will not apply to other marketing materials. Each emailed contact will be provided with this “opt-out” option.