The Secret Keys to Business Success

Everyone wants their business, or their employer, to succeed. In today’s world of economic uncertainty, to have job security is a fantastic thing.

With job security comes financial stability, which is essential for most people’s sense of happiness and contentment. Whether you want the financial freedom to buy a car, go on vacation to exotic locations, buy a home, or secure your children’s future education, money is an important part of our lives.

This all depends on the success of the business you own, or work for. There are a number of keys that help a business to achieve success. Here, we will discuss a few of them.

The Secret Keys to Business Success


Being open to change, also known as being “dynamic”, is essential for a business’ success. The enterprise landscape is constantly changing, due to internal and external forces, and a successful business has to be ready to change with it.

One example of an external force which impacted us all was COVID-19. Education, finance, manufacturing, food service, healthcare, personal care, entertainment, in fact, every business had to change quickly and, in some cases, radically when the pandemic hit. No-one was expecting a global pandemic when we entered 2020, but every business in existence was, to a greater or lesser extent, affected by it.

Change is not necessarily a bad thing. Some say that critics drive improvement. In some cases, this is true. Take, for an example, the European furniture store Ikea. Originally, it made furniture the same way everyone else did. Then someone complained that they felt very ill after they purchased furniture items. A number of other customers concurred. After scientific investigation, it was found that the composite wood was emitting noxious fumes. Ikea stepped up to the plate and made radical changes in its sourcing and manufacturing processes. As a result, Ikea is now known as an industry-leading, environmentally friendly furniture provider, which has a positive worldwide reputation. This is because it *changed*.


Associated with change, comes Rethink. Rethinking requires that we take a good, long, critical look at every aspect of our own business. How can we make our processes better? How can we appeal, more favorably, to our customers? What is the best way forward? What do we need to change now, and what can we look at changing in the future?

Additionally, you can consider things such as your reputation with your customers. Do they look forward to their interactions with you? How can you make their interactions with you, better and more appealing? How can we make them want to come back?

Maybe you could think about redesigning your website to make it more user-friendly? Perhaps you could redesign your flagship product? Maybe you can look at offering a larger portfolio, thus giving your customer more choice?

Every touchpoint counts. From advertising and sparking a potential customer’s interest, to them initially visiting your website, to their first purchase, to their repeat purchase, to a long-term relationship with them, every interaction is vital. How can you make them feel better about their interaction with you? How can you spark their interest? There are many, many ways to rethink aspects of your business.


We already touched upon one of the ways to impress a potential customer, and that is to have an engaging website. A website is the modern version of the shop window. This is where you showcase all you are as a business. An interesting, visually appealing, intuitive, fast-loading website is key. This is where you initially impress and sell your product(s) to your customer, earning their business.

Your website leads to another aspect to consider: can your customers trust you? Are you trustworthy? Part of being trustworthy, is being secure. Do you put into your enterprise network the kinds of security features that are strong enough to properly look after their information (names, numbers, account history, payment information, etc.)? If you have an online transaction portal, is it trusted?

This is where your knowledge, and that of your IT team (however big or small it is), is vital. A good website needs to be properly maintained, packed with security features, and continually updated. This requires that you, and/or your IT team, have the skills to make your website and your associated network, meet the requirements that your “Rethink” business plan places upon it.

To see if your website is considered secure, try this site. It will give you a free “checkup”:


Most of us have had cause to contact Customer Service, for whatever reason, at some point in our lives. Isn’t it refreshing when the Customer Service agent, without any fuss, is able to resolve our problem immediately, without having to go up the paygrade “chain” and pass you on to a more senior colleague, where you have to start your explanations all over again? That is employee empowerment. The value of giving an employee the freedom and capacity to be able to make decisions, and take action, without having to engage supervisors, to make the customer happy, is priceless.

The same can be said of your IT staff. If they have the knowledge they need, to accomplish their task, they can make magic happen! Most IT people I know are artists. They are visionaries. They are some of the smartest people I have ever met (and I have met quite a lot of very smart people in my life)! IT engineers are packed full of ideas, they are always thinking, they are always “turning the dial” just a little bit more, and they never settle until whatever they are working on is as perfect as they can possibly make it. *These* are the people you want on your team!

Here are some more ways to empower your team:

One great way to empower your IT team is by giving them the technical training (and new knowledge) they need, to help them create the technology to secure your network, and create the features that will be of interest to, and captivate, your customers. This is a tangible way to show your belief in them and their abilities. In return, they will want to prove to you just how much they are capable of. You might be very pleasantly surprised!

In the next blog, we will talk about the Return on Investment for technical training.

For now, check out our training. We have segregated some of our portfolio, by track, to make it easier for you to find a selection of training aimed at the same concept (i.e., Security):

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