CWISA: When the IT and OT Worlds Conjoin

CWNP Training Certification – CWISA: Bringing the Worlds of Wireless and Internet of Things Together!

A Certified Wireless IoT Solutions Administrator (CWISA) certification and training class has been introduced into CWNP’s portfolio. It is part of a parallel track to CWNP’s wireless training certification suite. This track focuses on IoT from the wireless perspective, and vice versa, instigating the conjoining of the worlds of IT and OT.

This first class in the parallel track is CWISA, Certified Wireless IoT Solutions Administrator, an associate-level training class aimed at bridging the gap between the worlds of wireless and Internet of Things. It investigates how wireless works, from an IoT perspective, and is an excellent introduction to IoT for the wireless engineer.

This class introduces the student to IoT and is, effectively, a CWNA-level class for people who want to learn more about IoT technologies. Conversely, it is a class about how wireless works from the perspective of an IoT/OT engineer. It is a comprehensive introduction into the world of IoT and discusses what a wireless engineer needs to operate it.

There is a difference between IT (Information Technology) engineers and OT (Operations Technology) engineers in their spheres of work, the sorts of day-to-day requirements that are asked of them, and the kinds of solutions that might be applicable to their problems. The simplest explanation is that OT deals with industrial machines (sensors, monitors, etc.) while IT, essentially, focuses on the transmission of information.

What is this training about?

In this class, students will be exposed to a number of vital aspects of IoT technology as it relates to wireless. The student will learn about the history of wireless, regulatory organizations, industry standards, and the standards lifecycle.

The class discusses vertical market considerations, along with system requirements and potential constraints. It looks at the technicalities of wave characteristics, modulation techniques, and the use and capabilities of carrier waves (including light and sound).

It also investigates the features and capabilities of various solutions, such as cellular networks, sensor networks, and IoT networks.

It is necessary to discuss various troubleshooting techniques and, of course, security features and methodolgies are examined. Additionally, this class considers programming, scripting, and automation (APIs, etc.).

So, as you can see, the class provides a good, solid, overall foundation of the way the two worlds are already beginning to combine.

Who should attend?

CWNP’s CWNA training and certification is aimed at the IT world, while CWISA is targeted at the OT world. The ideal candidate for this class would be anyone in IT or OT that wants to learn about the “other” world.

As technology continues to become increasingly integrated, we will find that the boundaries between these currently separate worlds will increasingly blur. The time is fast approaching where engineers will need to understand, and be proficient in, both IT and OT.

If you are an IT engineer wanting to learn about IoT, or if you are an OT engineer wanting to learn about wireless, this training makes for a solid foundation and a great start!

How to enroll?

It couldn’t be easier! You have two choices: [1] Visit our Special Deals page to learn more, or [2] Click the button below to contact us for more information about the class and upcoming class dates.

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