The ROI of IT Industry Certifications

Return on Investment – Great Skillsets Deliver Great Results!

Just like painting, music and dance – designing and administering networks is an art form.

It can just seem like computer code to many people, but carefully crafted designs have made many companies very successful.

Computer network design and management isn’t just about the code used. Your network defines the whole tone and quality of your business and is evident in every piece of electronic communication, every video viewed, and every website click.

When it comes to enterprise networks proper robust design, security, implementation, and management is more important than ever. You need to compel visitors to read more about the products or services that you offer – but to feel confident, and safe, when doing so. It is imperative to entice them to click further into your website and then take an action, such as calling your business or sending an inquiry. You don’t want them clicking a dead link or encountering an “error 404” page. That could be disastrous!

This is why we recommend training your team to professional standards, using our experienced instructors, because their years of expertise help them to train your team to be the best.

How Will NC-Expert’s Training Specifically Help the Individual Engineer?

Being part of a highly trained team is one thing, but how can training and gaining certifications help the engineer from an individual (or personal) perspective?

Positivity is a great thing. It attracts people and makes them want to be around us. We have all walked into a room and seen a group of happy smiling people chatting in the middle of the room. Immediately, as humans, most of us are drawn to that group and want to associate with them.

Industry certifications can hold that same appealing influence for employers. When an engineer proves their knowledge with industry certifications, it indicates to an employer that they are a “go-getter”, that they have a sense of purpose, that they have initiative, and that they possess motivation. Additionally, it shows that they are interested in, and want to stay at the forefront of, technology. These are all very positive aspects.

As a bonus, from a personal perspective, the engineer’s sense of self-worth also increases because they begin to be held in higher esteem by their colleagues, because they “know their stuff”. In time, they may even come to be considered an “authority” in specific subjects, because of their increased level of knowledge in that area.

How Will NC-Expert’s Training Specifically Help Your Employer?

As well as being a positive boon for, you, the individual engineer, holding industry certifications helps your employer in many ways, too.

Your knowledge can improve overall enterprise productivity. We know this sounds rather dramatic, but it is a fact. Here are a few ways in which this can happen:

  1. You make fewer mistakes because you have been trained in how to act, assess situations, and think more clearly – this increases efficiency and overall IT team quality
  2. You are more aware of potential issues and hidden problems and can mitigate or subjugate them before they occur – this reduces IT network downtime
  3. You can utilize equipment more effectively because you are aware of its capabilities – this brings immediate ROI, on the equipment purchase price, to your employer. By being able to employ inherent features more effectively, or learning about incorporated bonus features, the equipment can be used, more fully, for its manufacturer-intended purpose(s).
  4. By employing certified individuals, with their accompanying benefits as discussed above, the employer’s reputation is also enhanced. The employer’s standing in its own industry community will rise because the quality of employee workmanship will have risen. Additionally, whatever line of business you are in, your company’s reputation is enhanced when your customers learn that there are certified experts at the core of your enterprise.

Imagine the impact to the company if the whole team was certified and more knowledgeable in multiple aspects of technology? How much more benefit would the company experience?

When all these positive aspects are considered together any employer, who really understands the potential for certification training, would definitely be enthusiastic about utilizing the company’s training budget to gain all the integral benefits that educated engineers can bring to the boardroom table.

About NC-Expert

NC-Expert is a privately-held California corporation and is well established within the Wireless, Security, and Collaboration industry certification training, courseware development, and consulting markets.

Led by its Founder and CEO, Rie Vainstein, NC-Expert has won numerous private contracts with Fortune level companies around the world. These customers have depended on NC-Expert to train, advise, and mentor their staff.

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