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By Rie Vainstein | Mar 12, 2020
Health and Safety Update NC-Expert has been closely monitoring the ongoing outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and guidance as issued by government and health authorities. The World Health Organization (WHO) has now declared a global pandemic with regards to the Novel Coronavirus. We are committed to our customers – to keep you and… Read more

2019 in Review

By Rie Vainstein | Dec 20, 2019
What a Year! 2019 has been a wild ride for NC-Expert! We started the year by becoming a CompTIA ( ) partner in our own right. Until 2019, we had offered authorized classes through our partners but, in early 2019, we became a direct partner and can now offer these classes using our in-house… Read more

Cisco WLCs Get New WPA2 and WPA3 Options

By Phil Morgan | Nov 25, 2019
Welcome to our November 2019 Blog update where this month I want to focus on changes to the Cisco security settings for WLANs and the new WPA2 and WPA3 options. Cisco has changed its configuration options on both its AirOS and IOS-XE based controller platforms to include WPA3. Now, when you select the security options… Read more


By Rie Vainstein | Oct 18, 2019
The Epitome of “Fake News” Deepfakes are the epitome of “fake news”. They are the result of altering video and/or audio to portray something different than was intended in the original version… or creates a complete “fairy tale” version of events that are unrelated, in any way, to the original. It brings “taking things out… Read more

Location? Location! (Wi-Fi Location Services)

By Rie Vainstein | Apr 26, 2019
Bring Me My Goodies! Ordering your groceries online, and having them delivered to your home, is becoming a commonplace event, but new innovations being rolled out around the world are still inspiring awe. In the UK, in a small city about 50 miles north-west of London, one of these new innovations has been in existence… Read more


By Rie Vainstein | Mar 22, 2019
IEEE 802.11ax (aka Wi-Fi Alliance’s Wi-Fi 6) I was recently asked what I “thought” of 802.11ax. <gulp!> Honestly, nothing. I had heard of it but hadn’t seriously looked into it in any depth. Not having a technical background, I was a bit taken aback at being asked this question and, so, waffled for a while… Read more

Safety First

By Rie Vainstein | Feb 28, 2019
Safety First We have all heard about the Dark Web, but not many people really understand its uses. Unfortunately, one of the many things it is often used for, is the illegal trade of stolen information – yours and mine! Let me digress for a moment… Back in history, travel was one of the most… Read more

The Invisible Achilles’ Heel of Network Security

By Rie Vainstein | Jan 10, 2019
The Invisible Achilles’ Heel of Network Security Not too long ago, we tweeted an article about the biggest hacks of 2018 and yet another has just been revealed. This is becoming commonplace. The trend seems to be indicating that too many people have become complacent in their security protection. Hacking of any company’s data is BIG business –… Read more

Cyber Monday – Cisco CCENT ICND1 – SuperDeal

By Rie Vainstein | Nov 24, 2018
Cyber Monday Super Deal ****************************************** This Cyber Monday get a Supercharged Start on your IT Career with Cisco’s “Entry Network Technician” Certification Training   ICND1 is the training you need to sit the exam for Cisco-Certified Entry Network Technician (CCENT) This is an IT-INDUSTRY-RECOGNIZED entry-level certification Included in the price (no hidden fees!): all class materials… Read more

The Fun Side of the Internet of Things (IoT)

By Rie Vainstein | Oct 3, 2018
The Fun Side of the Internet of Things With so many, more serious, applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) it is nice to see development of applications that are “just for fun”. The Internet, as we all know, is the thing that makes the world go around. We use it in pretty much every… Read more

New WiFi Naming Protocol – WiFi 6

By Rie Vainstein | Sep 26, 2018
New WiFi Naming Protocol – WiFi 6 We are expecting the imminent release of a new Wireless standard based on IEEE standards 802.11ax which will simply be known as “WiFi 6”. The hopes are that this new WiFi version will offer faster access: higher data rates, increased capacity, and overall enhanced performance. “What is it… Read more

Exam Preparation Tips

By Rie Vainstein | Aug 10, 2018
Exam Preparation Tips At the point when most of your study is done, and you feel pretty confident about the content of the study materials, it is time to schedule your exam. Even for the best prepared students, actually scheduling the exam can be a nerve-wracking experience in-and-of itself because it is, at this point, that… Read more WPA3 better than WPA2

How is WPA3 more secure than WPA2?

By Phil Morgan | Jul 7, 2018
There is a lot of buzz in the industry about WPA3 and, especially, after the scare we had with WPA2 (see our blog post: krack-hack-is-wpa2-dead/). So, how is WPA3 more secure then WPA2? WPA3 is promising to improve security in multiple ways, over WPA2 If you have 802.1X/EAP/RADIUS (WPA2-Enterprise) configured (correctly) you can be quite… Read more

Current IT Industry Overview

By Rie Vainstein | Jun 21, 2018
Current IT Industry Overview We are often asked which is the strongest growth area of the IT industry. We hope this short summary of upcoming trends will help prospective students determine which path would be the best for them… Network Infrastructure Market Over the past 5 or 6 years, the network infrastructure market has been… Read more

Certification Training Study Tips

By Rie Vainstein | May 27, 2018
Certification Training Study Tips You have chosen to be the master of your future IT career and that is admirable. Now that decision has been made, the implementation phase begins, so here are some certification training study tips, to ensure you make the make the most of your time and efforts You have decided which… Read more

Why IT Industry Certifications?

By Rie Vainstein | Apr 12, 2018
Why IT Industry Certifications? We are often asked whether IT industry certifications are they really worth the effort it takes to achieve them?” The short answer: it depends what they are for, and who they are from. It is always best to select a well-known certification from a reputable provider: Apple, Citrix, CompTIA, Cisco, CWNP,… Read more True Value of the Top Wireless Certifications

The True Value of the Top Wireless Certifications

By Rie Vainstein | Mar 9, 2018
The True Value of the Top Wireless Certifications The Information Technology (IT) industry is famous for its plethora of industry-standard certifications. Engineers can choose from certifications in every aspect of the multitude of different facets within this huge field. The top wireless certifications are often an overlooked goldmine. Generally, people pick a favorite part of… Read more

Self-Study vs Instructor-Led IT Training – Which One Wins?

By Rie Vainstein | Feb 14, 2018
It’s a question that is often asked: Self-Study vs Instructor-Led IT Training, which one is best? With so many options available to learn new skills, it is hard to know which one is the better option: Self-Study vs Instructor-Led IT Training? There are many aspects to consider when determining which selection to make.    … Read more

WLC and AP Power settings

By Phil Morgan | Feb 12, 2018
AP Power settings made easy To fully understand and sometimes troubleshoot our wireless networks, we need to know exactly what is going on with our APs, especially what power they are outputting. So in this post we are going to look at AP Power settings made easy. The Problem – Different AP models each have… Read more

802.11ax – The next best thing?

By Phil Morgan | Jan 3, 2018
802.11ax is it the next best thing? Happy New Year everyone! and with the new year, comes new shiny things – 802.11ax. As a networking engineer who has been around from long before 802.11n, and 802.11ac came along, it seems to be the same old story. Every time a new technology comes along, we get like… Read more

All I want for Christmas are some home Mesh APs

By Phil Morgan | Dec 20, 2017
All I want for Christmas are some home Mesh APs… Well, it’s getting close to Christmas. You’re getting excited, you’ve been really good this year, and you’re hoping Santa will bring you a nice home Mesh network system for Christmas! Many Vendors are now selling home Mesh systems which operate by connecting wirelessly to each… Read more

The Krack hack – is it the end of the world, or worse, is WPA2 dead?

By admin | Nov 5, 2017
The Krack hack – is it the end of the world, or worse, is WPA2 dead? So here we go… I recently read rather a lot of articles entitled “WPA2 is dead” or “The end of wireless security” and so on, online, and actually saw stuff on the news (TV news channels). What happened then?… Read more

Exactly what is Duty Cycle?

By Phil Morgan | Oct 31, 2017
So what exactly is Duty Cycle? and what have Zombies got to do with it….  I want talk about the Duty Cycle that we see on our Spectrum Analyzers. Since it’s Halloween, and everyone loves a good horror story, I thought I’d try and explain what Duty Cycle is, with the use of Zombies! A lot… Read more

Mesh Calculations

By Phil Morgan | Oct 12, 2017
Mesh Calculations Thought I’d take some time to discuss bandwidth using Mesh APs and the associated mesh calculations. This blog entry is aimed at a slightly advanced level, so I am working on the assumption that you already know how a Mesh works. Basically, the node APs (MAPS or Node APs – do we call… Read more

Tracking sequence numbers and flags in Wireshark

By admin | Aug 15, 2017
Tracking sequence numbers and flags in Wireshark One of the things I learned a while back was a really good tip when using Wireshark. I find people sometimes get tied up tracking the sequence numbers and the wireless frame flags in Wireshark. Having to open the frames and look for flags and following sequence numbers… Read more

Homer and Bart and WiFi

By admin | May 25, 2017
I find myself explaining layer 1 physical spectrum analysis quite a lot these days. Spectrum Analysis is everywhere today. There is Cisco Spectrum Expert, and CleanAir (now the chip is installed in every Enterprise Cisco AP). There is also Metageek Chanalyzer, and of course Cisco Meraki has it built in. Identifying the different signals can… Read more

An easy way to remember V and H

By admin | Feb 27, 2017
V and H – An easy way to remember Short blog entry this month but, I hope, quite an important one because I want to give you . This month I want to give you an easy to remember tip, concerning antenna coverage pattern charts. Directionality of antennas is quite important. When planning a design,… Read more wireless network security

Wireless Network Security – Only with an S

By Phil Morgan | Jan 3, 2017
Wireless Network Security – it’s a huge concern I want to address important concerns about wireless network security, that a lot people don’t immediately understand about wireless: if you configure your wireless network with “no security” or “open authentication only” running, you basically have no security at all if you don’t configure PSK or 802.1X/EAP/RADIUS,… Read more