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CWNP Training

For many years, CWNP has been at the forefront of standards creation in the Wireless industry


Originally founded as a consortium of organizations and significant individuals, within the Wireless industry, that were of a similar mindset and wanted to create a set of consistent standards with which to certify Wireless engineers. Since that time, CWNP has grown into a worldwide authority.

Similar to Cisco’s training division, CWNP requires that its Learning Centers and Instructors are regularly monitored to ensure compliance and quality. In return, CWNP provides support and access to cutting-edge courses which are regularly updated.

authorized learning center

NC-Expert is an official Authorized Learning Center

To see the list of CWNP Authorized Learning Centers, visit CWNP's official Partners page.

The benefits to our students are that:

  • quality is assured
  • students get the most up-to-date training
  • students can be confident that the material is accurate
  • after attending authorized training, students have the best chance of success in exams

This diagram represents the CWNP certification roadmap.

Once these are achieved, the candidate can begin the application process  to achieve the highest (Expert) level, or "CWNE" status.

Certification Path 1 - CWNP

NC-Expert's CWNP training class portfolio:
(click class acronym for course description and outline)

Certified Wireless Network AdministratorCWNA
Certified Wireless Design ProfessionalCWDP
Certified Wireless Security ProfessionalCWSP
Certified Wireless Analysis ProfessionalCWAP

Each of our official CWNP classes (Entry thru Professional) includes:

  • Official CWNP Course Guide (can only be obtained through an authorized training provider)
  • Proprietary Lab Guide
  • Lab Access
  • Pearson VUE Exam Voucher
  • In-Person and Virtual Attendance Options
  • Live, Real-Time Instruction

Course Calendar - upcoming classes

To find dates for a specific course, type the class acronym into the search box, below, then click "enter"

CWNPCWNAPleasanton, CA2019-05-292019-05-31click here
CWNPCWNAOnline2019-05-292019-05-31click here
CWNPCWSPPleasanton, CA2019-06-032019-06-05click here
CWNPCWSPOnline2019-06-032019-06-05click here
CWNPCWDPPleasanton, CA2019-06-062019-06-08click here
CWNPCWDPOnline2019-06-062019-06-08click here
CWNPCWAPPleasanton, CA2019-06-192019-06-22click here
CWNPCWAPOnline2019-06-192019-06-22click here
CWNPCWNAPleasanton, CA2019-07-012019-07-03click here
CWNPCWNAOnline2019-07-012019-07-03click here
CWNPCWDPPleasanton, CA2019-07-152019-07-17click here
CWNPCWDPOnline2019-07-152019-07-17click here
CWNPCWSPPleasanton, CA2019-07-182019-07-20click here
CWNPCWSPOnline2019-07-182019-07-20click here
CWNPCWAPPleasanton, CA2019-07-222019-07-25click here
CWNPCWAPOnline2019-07-222019-07-25click here
CWNPCWAPPleasanton, CA2019-07-292019-08-01click here
CWNPCWAPOnline2019-07-292019-08-01click here
CWNPCWAPPleasanton, CA2019-08-262019-08-29click here
CWNPCWAPOnline2019-08-262019-08-29click here
CWNPCWNAPleasanton, CA2019-08-282019-08-30click here
CWNPCWNAOnline2019-08-282019-08-30click here
CWNPCWAPPleasanton, CA2019-09-032019-09-06click here
CWNPCWAPOnline2019-09-032019-09-06click here
CWNPCWNAPleasanton, CA2019-09-042019-09-06click here
CWNPCWNAOnline2019-09-042019-09-06click here
CWNPCWSPPleasanton, CA2019-09-232019-09-25click here
CWNPCWSPOnline2019-09-232019-09-25click here
CWNPCWDPPleasanton, CA2019-09-262019-09-28click here
CWNPCWDPOnline2019-09-262019-09-28click here
CWNPCWNAPleasanton, CA2019-09-302019-09-30click here
CWNPCWNAOnline2019-09-302019-09-30click here
CWNPCWNAPleasanton, CA2019-10-302019-11-01click here
CWNPCWNAOnline2019-10-302019-11-01click here
CWNPCWDPPleasanton, CA2019-11-112019-11-13click here
CWNPCWDPOnline2019-11-112019-11-13click here
CWNPCWSPPleasanton, CA2019-11-142019-11-16click here
CWNPCWSPOnline2019-11-142019-11-16click here
CWNPCWAPPleasanton, CA2019-12-162019-12-19click here
CWNPCWAPOnline2019-12-162019-12-19click here


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