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NC-Expert is a *Premiere* Authorized Learning Center

  • quality is assured
  • students receive the most up-to-date training
  • students get **hands-on experience** in our proprietary labs
  • students can be confident that the material is accurate
  • after attending authorized training, students have the best chance of success in exams
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Extra discounts available for employers with multiple employees in the same class session!

Each class includes:

  • In-Person** and Virtual Attendance options
  • Hard-Copy Course Materials shipped to your location (with virtual attendance only)
  • Live, Real-Time Instruction
  • Official CWNP Course Guide (can only be obtained through an Authorized Learning Center)
  • Hands-on Lab Access*
  • Proprietary Lab Guide*
  • FREE! PearsonVUE Exam Voucher
  • CWNP offers In-person and Online exam testing
*Exception: CWISA which is a lecture-only training class.
**In-person attendance of training classes is offered subject to the relevant delivery location’s state and local government COVID-19 (public health) related restrictions.

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For many years, CWNP has been at the forefront of vendor-neutral certifications in the Wireless industry


Originally founded in 1999 as a consortium of organizations and significant individuals, within the Wireless industry, that were of a similar opinion and that wanted to create a set of consistent standards with which to certify Wireless engineers. Since that time, CWNP has grown into a worldwide authority.

Similar to Cisco’s training division, CWNP requires that its Learning Centers and Instructors are regularly monitored to ensure compliance and quality. In return, CWNP provides support and access to cutting-edge training classes which are regularly updated.


Important: Please read the following prior to enrolling in any CWNP classes:

General Information – CWNA and CWISA Expand

CWNP recommends that students have 1 year of experience in wireless networking, prior to attending CWNA (Wireless Network Administrator) class. This recommendation for length of experience also relates to the CWISA (Wireless IoT Solutions Administrator) training class.

Quote from CWNP’s website “Do you have an understanding of the fundamentals of wireless technology? Do you know how WLAN works and how its managed day-to-day? Do you have the ability to install, configure, and troubleshoot and maintain wireless networks within small business or Enterprise deployments?”

Wireless is significantly different from other forms of networking. Do not fall into the trap of thinking “I’ve been working in (routing and switching / wired) networking for years. Wireless will be easy.” If you do not readily know what a “4-way handshake” is, or how to do “RF math”, then CWNA is definitely the place to start. It gives the best possible foundation for working as a wireless network engineer.

To attend the Professional level training classes, CWNP recommends 2-3 years of relevant experience.


CWNP Class Coupon Code Redemption Instructions Expand

At the end of your CWNP training class at NC-Expert, you will be given a Class Coupon code which shall be exchanged, through CWNP, for an Exam Voucher.

This is what is referred to, in our advertising, as an “exam voucher”. It is essentially that – except there is one interim step to obtaining it.

We are unable to issue students with their Class Coupon Codes prior to class, because they are “class” coupon codes and are tied to class dates. During submission to CWNP for redemption, you will be required to enter the class date. Provided the class has passed, the coupon will be valid. If the class has not yet occurred, your coupon may not be valid because, obviously, you have not yet sat your training class. If a student was issued with, and attempted to redeem, the class coupon prior to class, the coupon could fail and we would not replace it. Rather than getting into that situation, our policy is to only issue class coupons after class. We apologize, in advance, for any inconvenience.

There are two parts to redemption…

The following are instructions to redeem your NC-Expert Class Coupon code:

  1. Go to 
  2. Select Member Login link at the top of the page.
  3. Log into your account (or create one, if you do not yet have one).
  4. On your account Homepage, scroll down until you see the following:
  5. Select the red Redeem link, and follow onscreen instructions to submit your Class Coupon code.
  6. CWNP will respond by emailing you your PearsonVUE Exam Voucher.


When you receive your PearsonVUE Exam Voucher from CWNP, go to to schedule your exam.

When you get to

  1. At top-left of page, select the For Test Takers dropdown.
  2. Choose Schedule an exam.
  3. In the “Ready, set, test” box, type CWNP (in uppercase).
  4. Select the CWNP option offered by the system.
  5. On the right-hand side of the page, choose either Sign in (if you have an account), or Create account (if you do not).
  6. You will be taken to the CertiTrek login page (this is correct, because CertiTrek owns CWNP).
  7. Follow onscreen instructions to schedule your exam:
    1. Select exam
    2. Select attendance method (in person or online)
    3. Select date/time
  8. At checkout, use your Exam Voucher to “pay” for your exam. It will cover the cost in full*.


Exam Information Expand

CWNP requires that a valid CWNA certification is currently held, by the candidate, before it will award any Professional-level certifications.

Students are welcome to attend classes, and sit exams, in any order but please note that CWNP will not confer Professional-level (CWSP, CWDP, CWAP) certifications until the candidate holds a valid CWNA certification.

The knowledge required to sit a CWNA exam can be obtained by attending a training class, or from self-study.

In May 2020, we were excited to announce a new testing option to help students achieve their certification goals during the time of uncertainty due to COVID-19.

CWNP began delivering certification exams using online proctoring from Pearson VUE.

(See further down this dropdown page for more information…)

To recertify at Administrator level (i.e., CWNA), simply pass one Professional level exam (i.e., CWSP, CWDP, CWAP) *before* your current certification expires.

By doing so, your Administrator level certification will automatically be renewed for another 3 years… or you can retake the current version of the Administrator-level exam.

To view CWNP’s website for up-to-date information, click here.




Certified Wireless Network Administrator

Current exam: CWNA-108

Exam objectives v108 (click to view)

Expected refresh: 2023 (4th quarter)


Certified Wireless Security Professional

Current exam: CWSP-206

Exam objectives (click to view)

Expected refresh: 2022 (3rd quarter)


Certified Wireless Design Professional

Current exam: CWDP-303

Exam objectives (click to view)

Expected refresh: 2021 (4th quarter)



Certified Wireless Analysis Professional

Current exam: CWAP-403

Exam objectives (click to view)

Expected refresh: 2021 (4th quarter)



Certified Wireless IoT Solutions Administrator

Current exam: CWISA-101

Exam objectives (click to view)

Expected refresh: 2023 (3rd quarter)


Certified Wireless IoT Connectivity Professional

Current exam: CWICP-201

Exam objectives (click to view)

Expected refresh: 2023 (3rd quarter)


Certified Wireless IoT Integration Professional

Current exam: CWIIP-301

Exam objectives (click to view)

Expected refresh: 2023 (3rd quarter)



CWNP offers online proctored testing to help you achieve your certification goals.

One of our colleagues at CWNP took an online exam, to check out the process, and wanted to pass on a few pointers:

  • The check-in process can take up to 15 minutes, so you should check-in about 15 to 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment. (The check-in process was very detailed and user friendly.)
    • You will receive a link to upload (a) a selfie, (b) front and back pictures of your photo ID, and (c) four angled pictures of your workspace (where you will be taking the exam).
  • The Pearson VUE Agent (Proctor) has to verify the pictures before they release the exam, and they will question anything they notice in the background.
    > Our colleague was in a mixed-use office, with other desks (at first).
    – The Proctor questioned the monitors over/behind the candidate’s shoulders, along with the picture frame hanging on the wall.
    – Our colleague had two additional monitors attached to their desk. The Proctor wanted our colleague to unplug both, then turn the monitors 180 degrees (to face the wall).
    > Our colleague ended up moving to a Conference room which contained minimal equipment. (Which turned out to be a better option.)
    – Even after the Proctor checked the uploaded photos, the Proctor asked our colleague to slowly spin his webcam 360 degrees so the Proctor could see the Conference room.
  • During the system check process, the Proctor will gain access to your computer’s microphone and webcam. The exam can be disqualified if the Proctor hears voices, TV, radio, etc. Please make sure that you have a *very* quiet workspace for the duration of exam.
  • Any current exam voucher can be used for the online exam, so you do not need to be issued a new one, or a special one. The exam voucher you will receive from CWNP, after redeeming your Class Coupon code, will be accepted for either in-person or online testing.
====== CWNE Designation Application Expand

Many students have asked us questions about applying for their CWNE designation, so we decided to put the relevant information here…

You can read all the up-to-date information on CWNP’s website here.

The CWNE application should not be regarded casually. The application process is designed to grant CWNE status to those that have demonstrated wireless expertise in the enterprise, in addition to passing the required certification exams. Passing the exams alone is not enough to earn the CWNE credential. The application process is extensive and the review is thorough. Applications with missing or poorly documented information will not be considered.

The requirements for the CWNE certification are:

  • CWNP Certifications: Candidate must pass the certification exams for CWNA, CWSP, CWAP, CWDP and CWISA. Each required certification must be valid at the time you submit your CWNE application.
  • Other Certification: Candidate must possess one (1) current and valid professionally proctored (defined as having a person who monitors a candidate during an examination) networking, security, design, or network analysis certification from a non-CWNP certification provider in any of the topics below.
    • Network Technologies (VoIP, General Networking, etc.)
    • Routing/Switching
    • Security
    • Protocol Analysis
    • Radio Frequency (non-WLAN, for example, LTE, Zigbee, Ham Radio)
    • Network Design
  • Experience: A minimum of three (3) years of verifiable, documented, full-time professional work experience related to enterprise Wi-Fi networks. Experience may be documented with a standard resume/CV. This experience may include pre- or post-sales engineering, consulting or support services, or instructing experience in:
    • Enterprise Wi-Fi Administration
    • Enterprise Wi-Fi Security
    • Enterprise Wi-Fi Protocol Analysis
    • Enterprise Wi-Fi Quality of Service
  • Endorsements: Three (3) endorsement forms from people familiar with your enterprise Wi-Fi work history are required.
  • Publication Requirements: The following publication requirements must be met by the CWNE candidate. Publication of one of the following on an 802.11 topic (for evaluation of explanatory ability related to technical knowledge):
    • One published Wi-Fi whitepaper (10+ pages)
    • One published Wi-Fi book (with ISBN)
    • One recorded (video) instructional presentation
    • A published Wi-Fi article in excess of 1,000 words
    • Regularly updated blog (at least six 802.11-related posts)
    • Other writing projects must be pre-approved to be considered. (CWNP often makes writing projects available to those seeking CWNE status to assist in meeting this requirement.)
  • Three Technical Essays explaining a problem you solved on a project in not less than 500 words, and not more than 1000 words, demonstrating:
    • Your valuable participation in, or leadership of, enterprise Wi-Fi implementation or reparation projects showing problem resolution capabilities
    • Proper use of 802.11 / WLAN vernacular
    • An in-depth understanding of complex WLAN topics
    • Accomplishments in design, installation, and configuration of 802.11 networks
  • Agreement with the CWNE Code of Ethics: You must agree with the CWNE Code of Ethics and commit to adhering to them in order to acquire and maintain a CWNE certification. The Code of Ethics can be found at

Recertification: The CWNE certification is valid for a period of three (3) years. CWNE professionals are required to maintain their level of expertise according to the process outlined in the CWNE Continuing Education (CE) Program Details. See website for more details.

“With the knowledge I gained from NC-Expert training, I scored highly on my exam. The information I learned will be very useful in helping design and support the wireless networks used by my customers. I will be back for my next class!”

“Without doubt, this class has been an excellent use of my time!”

“This was one of the best trainings I have taken.
I like the way the course was structured and how engaging the labs were.”

“I took an online course. It was as effective as being in the classroom.
Outstanding class!” 

“It was great! The instructor was really knowledgeable and professional.”

“I wouldn’t trust anyone else to train me!”