The True Value of the Top Wireless Certifications

The True Value of the Top Wireless Certifications

The Information Technology (IT) industry is famous for its plethora of industry-standard certifications. Engineers can choose from certifications in every aspect of the multitude of different facets within this huge field. The top wireless certifications are often an overlooked goldmine.

Generally, people pick a favorite part of information technology and deep-dive into it, eventually becoming an expert in that field. It is said that it is impossible for any one person to know everything about IT!

IT Engineers with top wireless certifications are always in demand

Unseen Benefits of Wireless Certifications

Industry certifications are vital in that they enhance standard educational credentials (Bachelors, Masters, etc.). They are the perfect way to prove to employers – for purposes of gaining a new job or being promoted within the same company – that the engineer’s skill set, in a given aspect of technology, is cutting edge.

Certifications also have the added bonus of indicating that the engineer has an enthusiastic interest in that particular aspect of technology because they have taken it upon themselves to put in the extra effort and become certified. From an employer’s perspective, an enthusiastic person is more likely to do a good job – so, certifying has the innate benefit of showing a degree of passion as well as the obvious one of being a certification that proves knowledge and capability.

Although it is so vitally important, the Wireless aspect of IT certifications is often overlooked.

Function of Wireless

What function does Wireless perform? Well, at a very basic level, any technology that is not connected with wires… is wireLESS. We have all heard of “WiFi”, but how many of us really know how vital, to business enterprise, knowing how to run a wireless network actually is?

Enterprise networks are a lot more complicated than home networks. In a business setting, precautions have to be taken such that visitors cannot access sensitive company files however, allowances must be made for seamless – but secure – access for their laptops and smartphones.

When you add in all the employees who also need wireless access to the network, and at various permission levels, the whole thing becomes highly complex.

IT Engineers with top wireless certifications are in-demand

The idea of employing engineers who possess IT industry top Wireless certifications, is very reassuring to an employer. They can then rest assured that their wireless network engineer really knows their stuff and can act as the first line of defense in safeguarding the business’ information.

With the amazing growth of “smart” pretty-much-everything, wireless networks are becoming bigger and more complicated every day, and the demands upon them are growing at an exponential rate.

As more and more companies catch the vision and update the way they interact in-house as well as with their customers, more Wireless engineers will be needed – especially well-trained Wireless engineers – who are the modern-day “knights”, protecting the business “castle”.

Learn More

To learn more, check out our range of  Wireless-focused IT industry certification training classes:
CWNP (Associate level) Wireless Network Administrator: CWNA
CWNP (Professional level) Wireless Network Security: CWSP
CWNP (Professional level) Wireless Network Design: CWDP
CWNP (Professional level) Wireless Network Analysis: CWAP
Cisco CCNA (Associate) level: WiFUND
Cisco CCNP (Professional) level: WiDESIGN, WiDEPLOY, WiSECURE, WiTSHOOT
Cisco CCIE (Expert) level: CIEWL1

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